Houston's First Plastic Surgery Recovery Retreat Opens in the Bay Area

Houston plastic surgery patients recover in luxury at Reflections Cosmeticare & Retreat in quiet suburbia

Houston, TX, September 27, 2013 --(PR.com)-- According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), individuals spent over $11 billion dollars on plastic surgery in 2012. Statistically, breast augmentation for women still tops the list but the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) also reported a 4,473 percent increase in brachioplasties, or upper-arm lifts, since 2000. And as a result of its recent online poll, the ASPS also reported that the most desired upper arms by women belong to the First Lady.

Now, reports show a growing number of men are opting for plastic surgery as well- for breast reduction (gynecomastia), facelifts, eyelid surgery, liposuction and full body lifts. As plastic surgery procedures continue to soar and new ideas emerge, more and more people will be looking for options to relieve stress, promote healing, feel renewed and rejuvenated, and "bounce back" quickly so that they may return to their normal routine. For those men and women who have serious questions and anxieties regarding their post-operative recovery, and want to do so in a quiet, stress-free, home- away-from-home setting with spa-like amenities, there is an answer- Reflections Cosmeticare & Retreat.

Reflections Cosmeticare & Retreat was created by Kristie Brown, with the concept strategically planned and implemented with the help of a local Houston investor, in relation to the growing need for plastic surgery recovery services, along with transportation services, for plastic surgery patients in the Houston area. Typically, when a patient undergoes surgery, the plastic surgeon's office requires the individual to designate a friend or family member to wait at the doctor's office, or arrive after surgery is complete- which could be anywhere from a couple of hours to several hours depending on procedures- and then to transport the patient home and care for him or her. Most families have busy households, demanding jobs, and simply don't want the responsibility of monitoring for post-op complications or do not have the expertise to look for signs of an infection or complication until it's too late.

"That's where we come in," says owner, Kristie Brown. "Reserving even just a one or two night stay at Reflections Cosmeticare & Retreat can relieve the stress on family members and give them reassurance that their loved one is going to be receiving the best care, along, with being spoiled and pampered."

Patients are unable to stay alone for the first 24-hrs following surgery and no other overnight facility has the amenities or one-on-one care designed around the needs of Houston plastic surgery patients. Plastic surgery is a very personal decision for many people and an overnight recovery retreat allows patients to keep their decision completely confidential with only their Houston plastic surgeon knowing what procedures they had done.

Reflections Cosmeticare & Retreat follows strict guidelines regarding advertising the location of the retreat and coordination of care with the plastic surgeon to assure privacy, confidentiality and peace of mind for their guests.

Located in a discreet suburb in the heart of the Bay Area, Reflections Cosmeticare & Retreat offers patients recuperating from plastic surgery an unmatched recovery experience that combines a home-like feel with first-class amenities and knowledgeable staff that caters to each individual's needs and preferences. Reflections Cosmeticare & Retreat - a place where patients can recover in peace, comfort and tranquility.

"I wanted to provide options for individuals recovering from plastic surgery because I have been there," says Kristie Brown, a single mother of two, "my extended family worked full time and after multiple procedures, I needed someone to stay with me around the clock to ensure I received pain medication on time and assist with drain tubes - this was not something that any of us were prepared for and I felt like I was a burden to my already over-worked and over-stressed family. What we've done with Reflections Cosmeticare & Retreat is take a holistic approach to recovery care, while personalizing it and placing it in a peaceful setting with plush amenities that promotes ultimate healing for body and mind."

As the first deluxe overnight recovery retreat in Houston, Reflections Cosmeticare offers patients a truly one of a kind experience. But the experience is just the beginning. As Kristie Brown states, "We truly considered all options when developing personalized services for our guests - from our spa menu with healthy prepared meals to relaxation massages and manicures/pedicures- part of our guest screening tool is to ask each individual if they have certain things they like or prefer before they arrive -maybe they want a particular type of food or beverage, so we will have those special requests on-site when they arrive."

Whether a patient opts for the deluxe private master suite or private standard suite, each will receive private, town car transportation from the surgical facility to Reflections Cosmeticare & Retreat, where they will be greeted by a staff member who will personally and discretely escort them to their private recovery suite. There, the patient can recuperate in peace, comfort and security, enjoying ultra plush pillows, luxury linens, bathrobes and slippers, adjustable beds with gel-lined mattresses for ultimate comfort and healing, recliners, televisions and DVD players in each room, Wi-Fi Internet access, and a healthy spa menu. Of course, there's also around-the-clock nursing staff on premises, and a physician consultant on stand-by, trained and equipped to handle a patient's every need at a moment's notice.

For more information about Reflections Cosmeticare & Retreat, call 832-517-8282 or visit www.reflectionscosmeticare.com
Reflections Cosmeticare & Retreat
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