Panama Tour Dedicated to Retirement Planning Releases Its 2014 Tour Schedule

Live for Less in Panama, the provider of the one of a kind Panama Relocation Tours, announces its Panama tour schedule for 2014. The tour focuses on retirement planning to Panama with slots limited to 12 people for each tour group.

Dallas, TX, September 27, 2013 --( As early as now, Live for Less in Panama is all set for its 2014 Panama tour schedules. The company announced today its tour itinerary and schedule for the Panama Relocation Tours next year. The company has also announced that the tours will be limited to only 12 participants as they want to focus on quality more than quantity. There will only be 6 Panama tours for 2014 that include its newest 6-day and 5-night Panama tours.

The 2014 Panama Relocation Tours will cover areas essential for retirement planning to Panama. The tour will visit Panama City where participants can view beautiful tourist attractions, as well as meet with an attorney, to discuss visa options. The group will also meet Panama expat Bob Adams, where the participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and find answers about retiring in Panama.

The Panama Relocation Tour is basically a combination of fun and education. In each place the tour visits, participants will meet Panama expats and visit places important for retirement planning. These areas include banks, residential villages, hospitals, drugstores, supermarkets, shopping centers, and many more. The Panama towns and cities covered include Panama City, Boquete, Coronado, David, Chiriqui, and Bocas del Toro among others.

“Our tours are not for those who just want to go sightseeing as we’re focused on showing what life is like in Panama and what it takes to move to this country,” says Jackie Lange, owner and general manager of Live for Less in Panama. “While we will be visiting popular tourist destinations, we will be spending more time showing participants the real Panamanian lifestyle in each town or city we visit. Our tours are designed as such so we can help individuals planning their retirement to Panama and those who want to see what living in Panama is like,” she further adds.

Jackie also said that she will be sharing her own tips and tricks on how to reduce costs in Panama. “These are things that I’ve learned firsthand since I moved here in 2011. I will also give you access to all the connections I’ve made: honest attorneys, low cost rental and property listings, English speaking doctors, and previous tour participants who are willing to share their experiences about Panama,” Jackie enthuses.

Cheryl and Jerry Eastman of Rancho Mirage, California has good words for the Panama Relocation Tours. “Great overview of the many beautiful locations in which to relocate. Well organized and custom oriented. Thanks for your conscientious efforts to present the many options available in a compressed amount of time.”

The Panama Relocation Tours has tour schedules for January, February, March, April, June, and September of 2014. Interested parties may visit or call (972)591-8282 for information.

About Live for Less in Panama

Live for Less in Panama is a company owned and managed by Jackie Lange, who has made the move to Panama in 2011. This company offers the all-inclusive Panama Relocation Tours that shows participants the lifestyle available to them in Panama. The different tour packages include ground transportation, lodging and meals during the official tour.
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