New Children's Book Aimed at Positive Reinforcement

"The Be Good Fairy" is now available to help parents teach their children to embrace independent daily tasks as they mature. As we seem to have less and less time with our kids, isn’t it every parents dream to spend more quality time with their child, and less debating and coaxing them to behave? The stories in the book inspire children to practice good behavior through the positive reinforcement of "The Be Good Fairy."

Atlanta, GA, September 27, 2013 --( "The Be Good Fairy" addresses behavioral issues such as potty training, going to bed, behaving at school, sharing, and much more. When parents introduce "The Be Good Fairy" into their lives it helps eliminate stressful situations, and actually makes them fun, a must have for parents with young children that still believe in magical beings such as The Tooth Fairy.

"The Be Good Fairy" is available in a beautifully illustrated hard back book, as an e-book in both English and Spanish, and comes with their very own “been good” door hanger in the back of the book. A journal is available as a companion to "The Be Good Fairy" and gives children a place to write down what they have done to earn rewards from "The Be Good Fairy," share their favorite Be Good memories, and spaces to draw what the Fairy leaves them as rewards.

For more information about the book and to request a copy or any artwork you may contact Taylor Higdon

Author Missy Wallen-Nichols first book is an inspiration from her own experiences as a mother.

“Becoming a mother later in life, I quickly learned that parenting was more challenging than I had realized. I wanted a way to discipline our child in a positive and inspiring manner.” -Missy Wallen-Nichols

The Be good fairy. Kid Tested. Psychologist approved.

“Good discipline involves two parts, showing children what not to do and showing children what to do. The Be Good Fairy is a fun and magical way to recognize young children’s good behaviors and to give them the positive attention and encouragement they need to keep being good.”
Dr. Caroline Sherril – PhD Clinical Psychology

“The Be Good Fairy is beautifully illustrated and well executed. My daughter immediately fell in love with The Be good Fairy and really works at doing things to please both her mom, me, and the Fairy! A must get for parents of toddlers!”
-LUCY1216 (Amazon)

Hardcover: 32 pages
Kindle, iPad and Nook editions English and Spanish (coming soon) - $5.99
Publisher: Mawco Publishing, Inc.; 1st edition (2013) Journal: Spiral Bound -$7.95
ISBN-10: 0985352302
ISBN-13: 978-0985352301 Amazon Star Rating - 5
Binding: Illustrated Hardcover
List Price: Hardcover - $24.99
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