Portable Spas Phoenix, AZ Dealer Supports National Self Improvement Month

Hot Tub Sale Superstition Springs, AZ - Dealer Selling D1 Spas and Swim Spas Shares Three Ways to Get Inspired to Make Some Big Changes - Offers Free Portable Spa Test Soaks to Residents in Phoenix and Superstition Springs, AZ

Phoenix, AZ, September 27, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Southwest Spas, the premier Dimension One Spas dealer in the Phoenix, Mesa and Tempe, Arizona area selling new and used hot tubs is participating in Self Improvement Month.

“Wanting to make changes to improve life is easy. Getting motivated and keeping up with the changes is a little more difficult,” said Melinda Dalacas, manager of Southwest Spas. “While everyone has different things that they want to change to make their lives better, the tools that help avoid motivation killers can work for everyone,” continued Dalacas.

Here are three great ways to get inspired and stay inspired to make changes during National Self Improvement Month that will last all year round.

Don’t make resolutions - It may sound strange, but making grand proclamations of change is actually counter-productive. According to Timothy Pychyl, a Carleton University professor, resolutions are a form of procrastination. It is an attempt at motivation that most of the time isn’t expected to last. Resolutions actually seem to give us an “out” in expecting them to fail.

Instead of making resolutions to change, just find ways that make those same changes fun. Find foods that are enjoyable and healthy, and make them a part of the menu instead of proclaiming to be on a diet, or to lose a certain number of pounds. By making the change about finding good nutritional foods that are fun and taste good, we take the focus off of the bad and put it on the good. When we eat better, the weight takes care of itself.

Visualize results - Take a few minutes every day to see what the changes will look like. Watch how the person in the vision acts and incorporate that into everyday life to make the changes necessary, and seem normal.

When old habits start to creep back in, take a break and revisit the vision of what life should look like, and how that person looks and acts. It is like watching a movie of the way life can be, and becoming that person in real life.

Provide the tools that make changes easy and fun - There are many tools that can help create a better life. One of them is a hot tub. It adds value to the home and is a great way to relax at the end of the day. Having a hot tub in the yard eliminates the “out” of having to travel to a spa or health club and pay expensive monthly fees, and provides many wonderful ways to improve life.

A hot tub offers a get away from stress and creates an inviting space for friends and family to enjoy. It is soothing, and relieves stress while soaking away the aches and pains from a busy day.

According to the Mayo Clinic study, a hot tub provides important hot water therapy for heart patients, and it has also been shown to reduce blood sugar levels, and lower blood pressure. So, it is easy to see how many physical, mental and emotional benefits a hot tub provides, making it one of the most versatile tools for self improvement.

“To help local residents understand how portable spas, hot tubs and swim spas can help improve overall health and well-being, Southwest Spas will provide free hot tub test soaks during the entire month,” commented Dalacas. “We want to encourage local residents to check out the benefits of a relaxing soak in the soothing waters of a hot tub for themselves.”

Consumers wanting to learn more about hot tubs or about the $500 Wellness package (Massage Certificate/Health and Beauty Items) with the purchase of hot tub or swim spa this month are encouraged to visit the company website at http://www.SouthwestSpas.com

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In 1983, Southwest Spas was founded as a family owned and operated business. Originally established as a pool, spa and patio supply company. The desire to help people in need of therapy, stress relief and family time motivated us to focus our efforts on spas. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality spa line in the industry along with exceptional customer service.

Southwest Spas has achieved elite status with Dimension 1 Spas along with multiple "Dealer of the Year" awards for sales and service. Our business is still owned and operated and sales are based mostly on referrals. We have changed thousands of people's lives by providing state of the art product that relieves pain, stress and brings friends and family together. We'd love for you to be a part of our growing family. We look forward to making you a part of our family.

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