Panama Through the Eyes of a Panama Relocation Tours Participant

Richard Detrich, book author and Panama expat, provides a day by day account of his Panama Relocation Tours experience. Detrich describes in detail the different places he visited with the group and shares some tips about living in Panama.

Dallas, TX, September 28, 2013 --( Author of the book, "Escape to Paradise," and Panama expat, Richard Detrich, shares his day by day account of his experience in joining the Panama Relocation Tours. He discusses the trip in detail and reveals what participants can expect during the tour. Detrich’s day by day account can be found on the Panama Relocation Tours’ homepage, providing helpful insight to those interested in joining the Panama Relocation Tours and living in Panama.

Detrich’s account of the Panama Relocation Tours gives a real picture of what actually transpires during the tour. His travelogue includes heart warming stories about his experiences and photographs to document each restaurant, house, resort, and tourist attraction visited by the tour.

In his “Day 4” blog, Detrich gives an overview about the tour’s visit to Boquete Panama, a Panama town where more than 1,000 expats from various places in the world have called home. “In Boquete, the mountains hug the town. They are close in. It’s beautiful,” says Detrich.

Jackie Lange, owner and general manager of the Panama Relocation Tours says, “We invited Richard Detrich to join the Panama Relocation Tours because he offers a unique perspective about Panama. He answers questions during the tours and gives his advice on what it takes to be living in Panama. Richard helps us provide information and knowledge to our tour participants, so they’re able to make well-informed decisions about retiring in Panama.”

Aside from helping Jackie Lange with the Panama Relocation Tours, Richard Detrich is also a talented writer. He is the author of the book, "Escape to Paradise," a book about the pros and cons of living and retiring in Panama. In this book, Detrich reveals the 15 things not to like about Panama, as well as the things that people don’t usually tell about Panama. He also provides an account on how he made the decision to retire early and move to Boquete Panama.

“Richard Detrich’s articles for the Panama Relocation Tours are a must read,” says one previous tour participant. “I had fun reading them as Richard’s stories remind me of the happy moments I, myself, had experienced during my Panama tour. Keep it up Richard,” she further enthuses.

Richard Detrich’s travelogue of the Panama Relocation Tours comes with beautiful photographs, to help readers visualize the tour and know what to expect. Pictures of participants going to markets, shopping for Panamanian crafts, and socializing with each other, provide a well documented journey from a man who knows real living in Panama. Interested parties may visit to read Detrich’s day by day account of his Panama Relocation Tours experience.

About the Panama Relocation Tours

The Panama Relocation Tours are tours specially designed for people who are considering living in Panama. Live for Less in Panama is the company that handles these tours, owned and managed by Jackie Lange, who has made the move to Panama herself in 2011. The tours are focused in showing the real Panamanian lifestyle available to retirees. The different tour packages include ground transportation, lodging and meals during the official tour.
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