Crossfit Alternative Offered by Pittsburgh-Based Sports Performance Facility, Umberger Performance

Pittsburgh, PA, September 29, 2013 --( Umberger Performance, located in Robinson Township, PA is pleased to announce the launch of EliteFIT, a fitness class designed to be more intense and challenging than a typical boot camp or gym workout.

Critics have a love-hate relationship with Crossfit. No one will argue that Crossfit works in creating a more sculpted body, however, they do argue at what cost? And that cost is injury. In a recent study run by the OSU Health and Exercise Department of a Crossfit gym in Columbus, OH, found that 16% of the 43 healthy participants (23 male/20 female) were unable to complete the 6 week study due to injury. The "survivors" experienced very good results. However, that begs the question, how many injuries would have been experienced by the survivors after another 6 week cycle?

Scott Umberger, the owner of Umberger Performance, "cut his teeth" improving performance among athletes, both at the youth and professional level. Improving performance means, by default, reducing injury risk and probability. So, if it applies to athletes, why wouldn't it apply to fitness enthusiasts wanting to get a little more out of a workout? He created the EliteFIT program to mirror how the athletes are trained. Participants will learn and focus on proper running and jumping techniques which will ultimately help them train better and harder with reduced risk of injury. All major strength movements will be utilized, except for Olympic weightlifting. Umberger Performance is a world class training facility and all of the tools utilized for improving performance will be utilized for improving fitness and physique. Thus far, in the two weeks of trial classes, the least amount of calories burned by a participant in just one hour was 750. This was gauged using a heart strap monitor. In summary, EliteFIT is an athletic based workout that is completely different than just "lifting weights" or going to a group fitness class. Participants will be pushed and challenged with the results being an athletic looking body without injury.

Umberger Performance is located on Campbells Run Road in Robinson Township. It is owned and operated by Scott & RJ Umberger. In addition to the EliteFIT classes, Umberger Performance also offers athlete training, BeFIT (a beginner boot camp class), FusionFIT ( an intermediate boot camp class), yoga, hot yoga, and Pilates.
Umberger Performance
Jennifer McDowell