LeadCrafters Mobile: Turn Mobile Website Visitors Into Inbound Calls Converts Website Traffic Into First Party Leads

LeadCrafters is pleased to announce the release of its new service, LeadCrafters Mobile. LCm connects mobile website visitors directly to sales people via a telephone call within 20-50 seconds, converting already warm visitors into first party leads.

Fort Lauderdale, FL, September 28, 2013 --(PR.com)-- “LeadCrafters Mobile was created in response to mobile device user trends and shopping behavior,” says Chris Purser, President of LeadCrafters. “Research shows that over half of website searches will be from a mobile device by 2014; and, 55% of mobile conversion happens within 1 hour. More research shows that calling and connecting with new leads in under a minute increases conversions by almost 400%. It’s critical to make a connection between seller and buyer quickly.”

Businesses spend a lot of money driving traffic to their website, be it through SEO, PPC, Keywords, Social Networking, etc. LeadCrafters Mobile is a proactive tool on a website used to motivate additional visitors, people who would otherwise vanish, to connect via an inbound call that closes at rates near to those of walk-in visitors.

When a mobile website visitor chooses to go deeper into a website, they are offered a choice to connect with a salesperson by submitting their phone number. The visitor can then continue to browse the site, or with their daily routine, while LeadCrafters Mobile is at work locating an available salesperson and quickly and conveniently connecting the two in a phone call.

LeadCrafters Mobile:

Quickly and conveniently links the visitor and salesperson in a phone call

Keeps the customer out of call queues, auto attendants or being disconnected

Places a higher priority on mobile website visitors

Helps measure the performance of sales staff

Converts an additional number of otherwise lost visitors into leads

LeadCrafters provides its customers with a patented call-to-action page to their business desktop websites that entices the website visitor to provide their information and become a first party lead. The LeadCrafters Mobile service has the same premise but converts visitors into calls.

Chris Purser, President
LeadCrafters Mobile
(866) 828-0006
Holly Kramer