New Metal Recovery Treatment

Access Hidden Revenues in Metal Mining and Industrial Processes with DEMETâ„¢ Technology

Madison, WI, October 04, 2013 --( Blue Planet Strategies (BPS) today announced new opportunities for using its DEMET electrolytic technology to profitably recover metals. DEMET offers several advantages over traditional electroplating techniques, and allows tailoring of target chemistry and system operations to best suit customer needs.

“DEMET was specifically designed to improve processing rates and efficiencies when recovering valuable metals from very weak streams, and keeps those advantages when also treating strong streams,” said Pat James, President of BPS.

The technology can improve profitability and performance while recovering metals from pregnant leach solution, bleed streams, recirculation and raffinate, drain-down and acid rock drainage, spent processing solutions, and smelter or refinery blowdown. Targeted metals, such as copper, zinc, and iron, can be removed from solutions 10 times weaker, at twice the rate, and at a 50 percent reduction in energy consumption over conventional electroplating approaches.

According to James, DEMET provides the key for unlocking new profits and hidden revenue. It can enable direct capture of residuals, control impurities that hamper target process performance, and clean and regenerate streams for return to their bleed source. DEMET is extremely versatile and on-site pilot scoping can readily define site-specific implementation.

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Dr. Patrick James