Panama Relocation Tours is All Set for 2014

Live for Less in Panama, the sole provider of the Panama Relocation Tours, is ready for 2014. As early as now, slots for the tours are already filling up. This Panama tour focuses on retirement planning showing what real living in Panama is like.

Dallas, TX, October 02, 2013 --( Live for Less in Panama, the company that provides the unique Panama Relocation Tours, is thrilled to announce that the tours for 2014 are filling up fast. Each Panama tour date accommodates 12 participants. As early as now, the tour for January has 6 remaining seats while the tour for February has 8 seats left.

“We are so happy that our tours are well-received,” says Jackie Lange of the Panama Relocation Tours. “We promise to provide all our tour participants with fresh insights about living in Panama and what it takes to move to this country. We will give you all the information and help you need about retirement planning to Panama, so you truly get your money’s worth,” Jackie further adds.

The 2014 Panama Relocation Tours are for 6 days, and 5 nights inclusive of lodging during official tour nights, internal ground transportation, meals as indicated in the itinerary, a local driver fluent in English and Spanish, and a tour of various places in Panama as indicated in the itinerary.

Unlike usual Panama tours that focus on tourist attractions, the Panama Relocation Tours are geared towards showing real living in Panama. Participants will be taken to different Panama towns and cities integral to retirement planning and setting up a life in Panama. These places include Panama City, David, Chiriqui, Boquete, and Coronado, among others.

In each town or city the tour visits, participants will get acquainted with the real Panamanian lifestyle visiting shopping malls, grocery stores, hospitals, banks, clinics, residential areas and popular expat hangouts. Participants will get the chance to meet and socialize with Panama expats as the tour creates a venue for interaction. There’s also a Panamanian attorney who will be discussing visa options for expats who want to retire in Panama.

Dr. R. and C. Jacobs, previous Panama Relocation Tour participants, said, “Thank you very much for a great Panama Relocation Tour this past August, 2013. It was so nice and convenient to tour with you as you had every detail pre-arranged to make the tour effortless and stress free for us. The restaurants, hotels, transportation, and a plethora of information were so helpful and wonderful.”

Martin and Ann of Oregon said, “We can’t say enough wonderful things about the Panama Relocation Tour! You’ll visit places all over the country, and have an opportunity to see what it would be like to live there. Jackie says she gives you a first lick of the ice cream cone. You have to eat the rest of it on your own. Crunch!”

The 2014 Panama Relocation Tours are for 6 days and 5 nights, showing participants real living in Panama by visiting various places all over the country. As early as now, the Panama tour seats are filling up quickly, proof that the tours offer something unique and interesting for people from various parts of the world. Interested parties may visit or call 972-591-8282 for details.

About the Panama Relocation Tours

The Panama Relocation Tours are tours specially designed for people who are considering living in Panama. Live for Less in Panama is the company that handles these tours, owned and managed by Jackie Lange, who has made the move to Panama herself in 2011. The tours are focused in showing the real Panamanian lifestyle available to retirees. The different tour packages include ground transportation, lodging and meals during the official tour.
Live for Less in Panama
Jackie Lange