Harness the Carbon Reduction Benefits of Trenchless Construction with PW Trenchless Ltd

Surrey, Canada, October 04, 2013 --(PR.com)-- In trying to demonstrate the benefits of Trenchless PW Trenchless has been working on the link between trenchless construction and low carbon emissions. It’s for this reason that more municipalities are now adopting trenchless technologies within their work. Trenchless construction has been shown to offer numerous carbon reduction benefits over traditional methods of construction work. For example, in studies completed at the University of Waterloo, analysis showed that trenchless construction methods resulted in a 90% reduction in the amount of greenhouse gases emitting during the construction process. These benefits, primarily attributed to improved traffic flow and shorter job duration and the elimination of the excavation and movement of material, are now being presented to clients across B.C. by the trenchless construction experts at PW Trenchless.

PW Trenchless is a leading trenchless construction specialist operating out of British Columbia, Canada. The company’s expertise within the areas of pipeburbusting, sliplining and directional drilling support cost-effective trenchless construction projects. These projects have been helping local municipalities since 2000 to realize the benefits of trenchless construction over traditional construction methods. And with the latest industry studies showing that over the next 50-years most existing utilities responsible for transporting sewage and potable water will likely have to be replaced, trenchless systems are set to become a leading solution.

One of the leading reasons why many cities are now working directly with PW Trenchless to resolve their unique construction and development requirements is that the firm can help harness the environmental benefits of trenchless technology. Of course, one of the leading benefits of trenchless technology is that it doesn’t require the open-cutting of roads, landscape etc. during a construction project. That’s because the majority of the trenchless work will take place underground, thereby leaving above-ground areas relatively untouched during project completion.

This brings another distinct advantage to utilizing trenchless construction methodologies. There’s less traffic slowing down on the roads due to construction. And there’s no requirement for large excavation vehicles to remove excavated, and import new, fill material. Therefore trucking in the area is kept to a minimum during the entire project completion process. This also means that there’s a reduction in carbon emissions released by traffic when compared with traditional construction methods.

These inherent carbon emissions reduction benefits are now being delivered across BC thanks to the work of PW Trenchless. In addition to the firm’s expertise within the trenchless construction process, others are now partnering with PW trenchless due to the quality of the firm’s specialized in-house equipment. These equipment items include the G800 static bursting system and the Grundowinch, a specialized variable speed and tonnage winch.

Discover the carbon reduction benefits offered by trenchless construction teams such as PW Trenchless.
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