Diana Garber, Feng Shui Master for Intuitive Concepts, is Speaking at the Universal Life Expo October 12 and 13

Diana Garber, Feng Shui Master for Intuitive Concepts, will be speaking about the energy of 2014 at the Universal Life Expo. Classic Feng Shui incorporates the use of algorithms and quantum physics to derive statistical probabilities for the energy of the upcoming year.

Columbus, OH, October 07, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Diana Garber is asked each year to speak about energy for the upcoming year. She does extensive research on energy trends, historical facts, and performs her analyses. Ms. Garber is a classically-trained international Feng Shui consultant who has a litany of firsts to her accomplishments. In addition to her accreditations in the U.S. and abroad over 30 years, she was accredited in 2005 as a clinical instructor and Feng Shui practitioner for The Ohio State University.

Diana’s mastery in the ancient study of classic Feng Shui incorporates quantum physics principles and algorithms in order to derive statistical probabilities that she shares with her commercial and residential clients. Her response when asked about 2014 is “It is a year of major growth. From a Feng Shui perspective, it is a four year. Think of Spring and all that blooms. Growth can also bring its challenges, which is why we coined a phrase – manage your environment consciously or unconsciously it manages you. Our action or inaction can result in weeds or blossoms,” Garber says. Therefore, the energy that affects people, their homes, and their businesses will show increases in positive ways but it will also intensify the negative risks depending on the direction and the flow of energy.

A few examples: Respiratory problems will be prevalent. “I’ve alerted The Breathing Association about this so they can prepare,” Garber offered. Energy in the East will challenge our eldest sons, thyroid, tempers, and human resources. Energy in the NW will challenge heads of households, heads of business, and heads of state. We’re already seeing this in the U.S. and internationally. People in general may experience more head issues (such as headaches). Also, there are certain months that present more challenges, and certain months that create opportunities. This is a deep and intricate process and requires the services of a master practitioner to help translate the implications on our living and working environments.

Ideally, contacting Master Garber would be the best approach to learn about 2014, the Year of the Wood Horse. Meanwhile, she can be found this month at the Universal Life Expo at Veteran’s Memorial in Columbus, Ohio, on October 12 and 13. She’s offering personal strategy sessions at Booth 1001, and speaking about 2014 on Sunday at 3:00 in the Richard Nolan Room.

Of course the best approach to greet 2014 is to obtain a consult of your own – one that is completely customized for your business or home. Knowledge and awareness are the best way to prepare for change. For more information about the Universal Life Expo, visit their website. For more information regarding Diana Garber or Feng Shui, visit Intuitive Concepts.
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