17 Year Old Developer Lays Foundation for Next Generation Dating with Instantly Successful Mobile App

High school student leads development team on revolutionary mobile app disrupting the multi-billion dollar online dating market.

Philadelphia, PA, October 07, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Instamour, the mobile app company leading the next evolution of technology-based dating (TBD) announced today global acceptance of the Instamour iPhone app which enables real relationships to be made in real-time. Available on the App Store, the new video-based TBD mobile app, has been gaining ground and buzz with over 1,000 downloads within days of being launched, with users around the globe in countries such as Spain, France, Italy, Dubai, Russia, as well as the United States.

At the center of this technology evolution that will touch billions globally is seventeen year-old Alec Kriebel, a high school student/iOS developer who has led the iOS development team all year. Embracing his passion for the technology, the mobile app dynamic, and how this combination can change our social interaction, Alec approached the CEO of Instamour at an industry event and asked to be able to lead the mobile app effort for this young company.

"I’ve been building apps since I was fourteen, but the past year has been a whirlwind of learning as we leveraged new technologies to develop the app. Jason had faith in me, and that drives me more than almost anything,” stated Kriebel. “It's exciting to see real people building real relationships and potentially redefining their lives through the technology I helped build."

"Alec is a brilliant teenage technologist who understands the need our app fills, and intuitively marries the latest technology with that gut-level feeling of how people really want and need to connect,” stated Instamour CEO Jason Sherman. “Alec is a diamond in the rough that just keeps getting better, and we are pleased to be the venue that can show the world his shine."

The Instamour app obliterates the “they weren’t what they were supposed to be” issue of online dating by leveraging fresh video profiles that must be current, and recorded directly from the profile user’s device to ensure real, honest, fresh content. In addition, the app smashes the security concerns that remain with standard online dating sites by enabling alias-based instant messaging and video chat, so that users can literally interact, see, and hear not only a prospective date’s profile, but the person themselves in real-time, before they ever share any personal information.

About Instamour: Instamour is the next evolution of technology-based dating (TBD), enabling the shift from static online pictures/text to a real-time audio-video experience which enables real relationships in real-time. The issues which have plagued online daters for decades (out-of-date profiles, security issues, hit-and-miss communications process) are dissolved with Instamour’s approach which leverages full-spectrum video and sound profiles right on your smartphone, secure instant chat, and secure video chat in real-time. The app is free to users, and available now on the Apple iTunes App Store, coming soon on the Google Play Market.
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Kristin LaSalle
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