Chef & Sommelier Lifts a Glass in Honour of Swede Jon Arvid Rosengren, Meilleur Sommelier d’Europe

Chef & Sommelier, official partner of the European competition for best sommelier, congratulates Jon Arvid Rosengren, winner of the 2013 competition. Organised by the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale (A.S.I.), the competition relied on the Chef & Sommelier lines of wine tasting glasses for the technical tests as well as the competition receptions.

Arques, France, October 10, 2013 --( Chef & Sommelier, expert in high-end wine tasting glasses, congratulates the Swede Jon Arvid Rosengren, winner of the European competition for best sommelier (Concours du Meilleur Sommelier d’Europe). Organised by the Association de Sommellerie Internationale ( A.S.I.) since 1988, this prestigious and demanding continental competition takes place every 3 years and brings together the most talented sommeliers in Europe with 36 countries represented this year. The competition which took place in Monte Carlo and San Remo featured theoretical and practical tests in Chef & Sommelier wine tasting glasses. Of the 10 sommeliers selected for the semi-finals, 4 were French. The two finalists, David Biraud, a Frenchman, and Julia Scavo, a Romanian, took 2nd and 3rd places respectively.

Already a renowned sommelier in Sweden, Jon Arvid Rosengren was able to convince the judges with his performance in the different tests and took the title of Meilleur Sommelier d’Europe. The title which he will keep for life makes him one of the best sommeliers in the world given the competition’s high level. Indeed, Paolo Basso, the previous European winner in 2010, currently holds the title Meilleur Sommelier du Monde, the best sommelier in the world.

Chef & Sommelier, an Association de Sommellerie partner since 2011 and official event partner, supports and reveals the competitors’ talents by putting their wine tasting glasses in service for the technical tests. This passionate brand offers glassware lines designed to reveal a wine’s aromas thanks to specific technical qualities: a large oxidation surface, an aromatic chamber which favours an aroma’s development, a narrow bowl to concentrate the aromas, and an optimal break in the parison. Each wine has its wine glass: the Open Up line for young wines, the Arom’Up for aroma families, or the Grands Cépages for varietal types. The three emblematic lines were present in the technical tests and graced the tables during the Gala Dinners and the competition events in San Remo – in the centre of the Villa Nobel, in the Casino and the Royal Hotel - as well as the prestigious Hotel Hermitage in Monte Carlo. The Chef & Sommelier wine tasting glasses combine high level technical qualities with incomparable aesthetics - perfect transparency, perpetual brilliance and high resistance - thanks to the revolutionary material Kwarx®.

After having competed with Chef & Sommelier glasses in the technical rounds, the winner as well as the runner-ups were rewarded with Chef & Sommelier carafes specially engraved for the occasion: the prestigious Grand Finale decanter and the technical Open Up and Amphoria carafes.

Chef & Sommelier: up-scale oenological glassware to bring out the best in wines and to exalt well-laid tables.

About Chef & Sommelier:
Chef&Sommelier, the 100% expert brand dedicated to wine professionals and connoisseurs, develops ranges of glassware and carafes designed for optimal wine tasting such as the emblematic Open Up, Arom Up, Œnologue Expert and Grands Cépages lines. Recognised by sommeliers, oenologists and wine lovers for the quality glass work and the technical expertise of their wine tasting glasses, C&S manufacture its glasses in France in Kwarx®,.a revolutionary material.

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