Jungle Jumps Offers Tips for Writing Content for Inflatable Email Newsletters

Email newsletters, when effectively written, can be one of the most economical marketing tools for your commercial grade inflatable business.

Pacoima, CA, October 13, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Writing for e-communications requires a much different style than writing for print does. Online information is more difficult to read than a magazine or glossy brochure. However, conveying information to bounce house customers and prospects via the web is much more economical for inflatable businesses. Email newsletters, when effectively written, can be one of the most economical marketing tools for your commercial grade inflatable business.

In order to keep your inflatable email newsletter readership high over many editions it is imperative that your customers perceive value in the bounce house information that you are sending to them. Whether you choose to focus on one main inflatable topic for each newsletter, with additional “blurbs,” or have several topics, the information that you provide needs to be pertinent to the bounce house audience.

The following are four components to writing effective email newsletter copy:

Relevance - In order to keep your inflatable newsletter readership high over many editions the information must have perceived value to your bounce house audience. Bounce house product information, new inflatable products and more can all make your newsletter valuable to your customers.

Short and Simple - Chances are that if the reader does not find an inflatable article interesting they will not scroll down through pages and pages of text. The most effective newsletter articles are a one or two paragraph teaser linking to a web page that discusses the inflatable subject in further depth if necessary.

Eye Catching – Inflatable photos, and any type of visual aid, will keep your newsletter interesting and break up the monotony of excessive text.

Call to Action - This is perhaps the most important in an inflatable newsletter. Offering a bounce house coupon or discount is a great way to bring in new inflatable business, while simultaneously gauging the success of your newsletters.

One way to encourage inflatable prospects to open your newsletter is to write a subject line that grabs their attention. However, take care to avoid common spam words in the subject, as this will often result in your inflatable newsletter being flagged by spam filters.

As spam filters become more and more prevalent and sensitive to keywords it is important to take care to avoid certain phrases when creating copy for your bounce house newsletter. The trickiest obstacle to overcome in delivering email blasts is the content-based filter. Content-based filters scan the body of the email for content that looks like spam. These filters search all aspects of your inflatable message; subject, sender information and the body of the email. In general, the use of a “spam word” once in the copy will not cause your email to be trapped by the filter. However, repeated use of the word will block your email message from ever reaching the recipient.

By following these tips when creating your inflatable email newsletter copy, you can be assured your newsletter will get the best chance of being read by your bounce house market, ultimately meaning more business for you.
Jungle Jumps
Stephanie Baldwin