Mid Michigan MRI is Now Using Wide Bore Mri Technology Alongside Traditional Equipment

Mid Michigan MRI offers a wide array of MRI imaging equipment, including the latest wide bore MRI technology.

East Lansing, MI, October 16, 2013 --(PR.com)-- With the growing number of aging baby boomers and the concerns being raised about radiation dosages, there has been a growing gap in the availability of accurate imaging techniques. Until now. Wide bore imaging is changing the face of the MRI market, addressing the gap and providing patients and doctors with some of the most advanced imaging technology to date. Many providers report that they have already begun to make the move from traditional closed and open MRI machines to 1.5T wide bore magnets, with some even making the leap to 3T wide bore units. Mid Michigan MRI is one of the providers that has already made the switch to wide bore technology.

"Wide-bore magnets have a quite a bit of appeal for both patients and providers because they are easier to perform, they require less sedation for claustrophobic patients, accommodate larger patients with ease and the accuracy of the imaging is amazing," says a Michigan State University physician. "We like the fact there the wide bore unit does not exclude patients based on their weight. There is no weight limit for the scanner bed for the wide bore unit, making it ideal for our larger patients who traditionally would not qualify for MRI imaging due to equipment restrictions."

Siemens, the leading manufacturer of wide bore MRI units, continues to improve upon their wide bore technology in the subsequent releases of both 1.5T and 3T bore units. And the physicians at Mid Michigan MRI believe that they are moving in the right direction. "We currently utilize a 1.5T Tesla wide bore unit, located at our partner's facility, Sparrow Hospital and we have been more than pleased with its ability to throughput our patients and provide superb results. We couldn't have been happier with its performance. We really feel as though the ultra small magnet makes the patient's experience in the machine a much more comfortable one."

Of course, Mid Michigan MRI continues to provide more traditional Lansing imaging equipment for patients who prefer a different MRI experience. "We want to provide our patients with what they are looking for while offering physicians the best in imaging technology."

About Mid Michigan MRI

Mid Michigan MRI is a not for profit partnership between Michigan State University and Sparrow Hospital in Lansing, MI. Founded in 1991, Mid Michigan MRI has devoted itself to providing the highest quality Lansing MRI to the residents of Mid Michigan at a reasonable cost. They provide high quality advanced medical imaging services including traditional MRI services, open MRI imaging, and now wide bore imaging technology at the Michigan State University Clinical Center. They also provide PET/CT scanning at the Sparrow Hospital location. They also offer mobile MRI services to patients who do not have the ability to come in to either facility for care. They are dedicated to providing the highest level of care to all of their patients and this commitment to excellence is shown by providing the latest in technology available.

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