TEFLPlus Launches New Volunteer Teaching Program

Phuket, Thailand based TEFLPlus Teacher Training has introduced a volunteer placement service to its selection of EFL products. The adventureTEFL combines the popular one week course with homestay in a Thai village.

Phuket, Thailand, September 15, 2007 --(PR.com)-- The adventureTEFL is a volunteer teaching program that places newly qualified teachers with Thai families in rural villages.

Volunteering is part work, part holiday and an altogether different travel experience. Participants experience firsthand more than the average tourist or backpacker ever sees, and return home with a new perspective, lasting memories, and many new friends. They learn about Third World issues and become cross-culturally aware, a valuable skill in this time of globalisation.

The aim of the adventureTEFL is to provide an experience unlike any other available in South East Asia. Living with a Thai family in their home, dining with them, getting to know the community, is true cultural immersion.

Places are limited, so advance bookings are recommended.

Ian Fereday
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