The International MLS [IMLS] Opens for USA Agent/Broker Memberships

Agents Can List Properties for Global Exposure, Get Their Own IMLS Search, and Access the IMLS International New Homes Agent Platform

Los Angeles, CA, October 17, 2013 --( The International MLS [IMLS] has announced today the opening of The IMLS Annual Agent/Brokers membership platform and has invited agents and brokers from across the USA to participate.

The International MLS is announcing this initiative to let all USA agents and brokers know that the IMLS has become a reality, and that any agent or broker may participate and post their property listings, get their own IMLS search for their own site, as well as to be able to access The IMLS secure area with new home developments in many countries to be able to earn high commissions on the sale on new homes.

The sophisticated technology platform of The International MLS [IMLS] is a referral based system whereby agents and brokers can earn referral commissions simply for having a web site customer who registers through their own IMLS search and ends up purchasing a property somewhere in the world outside of their normal market. Agents and brokers are adding this in addition to their local MLS, as The IMLS allows the agents and brokers to exclude their own state or area from the IMLS so it is fully complimentary to their own MLS search.

The IMLS search is new to the real estate industry with the IMLS search now being delivered around the world as soon as agents and brokers sign up to be members. This allows any agent to list their properties manually on to its platform and since brokers can also send an electronic data feed with all of their company’s listings to The IMLS for promotion on a worldwide scale, it appears that the dream and vision of the first global IMLS will be realized.

Property sellers are becoming aware that by having their properties promoted globally, it increases their chances for a sale at the highest price so the company expects consumers to demand or expect this from their agents. Home owners who wish to have their own homes listed on The IMLS may use a participating agent or broker, or may contact The International MLS directly for a participating broker as their home must be listed with a local agent and typically listed on their local MLS first. Sellers know that their home will not just be on their local MLS, but now on The International MLS [IMLS].

"The International MLS is more than a listing service. In addition to enabling real estate brokers from around the world to market their properties globally through the IMLS and the IMLS searches which are now being delivered to agents and brokers worldwide, or by our exporting their property listings to international portals whether directly or indirectly, The IMLS empowers agents to display other agents and brokers properties to be able to earn a share of referral commissions should their clients buy a resale property outside their local market.

With all of our listings outside the USA already being delivered to’s new international section as well as internationally," said The IMLS CEO Dr. Daniel Nussbaum, “agents and brokers know that we have the ability to syndicate globally. We think that this is the perfect complimentary piece to the local MLS delivery and empowers agents all over the world to display everyone else’s listings, since it is a global commission share opportunity, enabling everyone to earn commissions on new and resale properties around the world. We’ve made it so that The IMLS search is the way that listings can be sitting on agent/broker sites all over the world so that agent and broker members of The IMLS can all participate in this global cooperative and increase their incomes.”

About The International MLS [IMLS]TM
The International MLS has property listings around the world and new home developments in many countries. Property listings are imported via electronic XML data feeds from brokers, and from agents who may post their listings manually. The IMLS empowers all agents and brokers to display international property listings knowing that commissions can be made on any sale which is generated by their IMLS search through referral agreements signed between The International MLS. and agencies around the world. Information on The International MLS [IMLS] and all its services is
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