Groundbreaking Market Research on Grow Lights for Legal, Commercial Marijuana Growers

New market research on the advanced grow light market indicates a rapidly expanding business opportunity for advanced lighting manufacturers, and enormous energy saving potential.

Pittsburgh, PA, October 18, 2013 --( A new market research report published today by Lighting Solution Development reveals a large and rapidly expanding market for horticultural grow lights to legal, commercial marijuana growers. As of October, 2013, 20 states plus the District of Columbia have varying degrees of decriminalization for marijuana, including legal commercial growing. Two states, Colorado and Washington, have legalized growing for recreational use. Some of these states are close to completing new regulatory policies for commercial growers, and will begin issuing grower licenses in 2014. States poised to issue new licenses include: Washington, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. This will spark construction of dozens of new "grow warehouses," up to 50,000 square feet each, in some states. A single grow warehouse can purchase hundreds of grow lights, typically 1,000W HID. New advanced technology grow lights (such as LED, induction, and plasma) can provide manufacturers millions of dollars in new sales to new grow warehouses.

Marijuana production now accounts for 1% of all electricity consumption in the US, and this figure is likely to rise as more states decriminalize commercial cannabis growing. With electricity costs accounting for as much as half of cannabis grow expenses when using HID grow lights, there is increasing pressure for growers to consider energy efficient options, like LED. The report titled, Grow Lights For Legal, Commercial Marijuana Growers, provides advanced lighting manufacturers with critical horticultural science as well as grower perceptions about light output, coverage area, color, PAR watts, and the most important spectral peaks for photosynthesis. The report's conclusions include dozens of recommendations for LED grow light manufacturers, for product development, and marketing to commercial growers. For more information about this report, email:

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