Pearls of HopeĀ® to Benefit from Stress Out Book

Los Angeles, CA, October 18, 2013 --( Self Investment Publishing has published a special edition of best-selling book "Stress Out, show stress who’s the Boss," to benefit Pearls of Hope®. Stress is a constant in our lives - such a constant that we actually don’t realize we are under stress, we think it’s “just part of life.” Health surveys report that over 70% of people feel stress every day. Some stress is helpful, but most stress is destructive; it can age you and it can kill you. This book is a joint effort of several authors who share their expert advice and experience plus stories and testimonials from individuals interviewed during extensive search for solutions to teach stress who's the boss. The focus of this book is Stress Out, not Stressed Out. Stressed-out is a condition you may be experiencing; Stress Out is a solution, a command to tell stress who’s the boss. This book provides quick tips, recommendations and techniques that you can use to reduce, release and/or manage your stress.

Author and publisher, Sumner Davenport has received several endorsement and accolades from the readers who field tested the techniques in this book. “What I’ve attempted to do, is make it simple for people to find easy solutions for their stress, and to help others at the same time. Proceeds from all Stress Out books are shared with selected charities. This special edition is to help Pearls of Hope®, so they can continue to help children.”

The primary mission of Pearls of Hope®, a registered trademark of The Lorraine Jackson Foundation, is to provide college scholarships for children who have lost a parent to breast cancer. Ms. Jackson established the Foundation after being diagnosed with early stage breast cancer at the age 40. After this life-changing event for Jackson is now dedicated to helping children whose lives have been affected by this disease.

This special edition of the Stress Out book, can be found in both paperback and Kindle editions on and at the Pearls of Hope website
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