The 2013 Furthering Fathering Symposium in Roosevelt – Dads and Daughters

On Saturday, November 2nd, at 12pm, The Furthering Fathering Corporation will hold its 2013 Symposium on the impact of fatherlessness on girls and women at the Roosevelt Public Library in Long Island, NY.

New York, NY, October 19, 2013 --( “Every princess needs the stability of an honorable king,” says Jeremy A. Maynard, CEO & co-founder of The Furthering Fathering Corporation. The 2013 Symposium, a free event, intends to highlight how dads affect the lives of their daughters. “Given wide-spread fatherlessness, unstable marriages, the economy, little promotion of virtuous character, the drastic changes in societal norms, not to mention the worship of overt over-sexuality pervasive these days, the father-daughter relationship has never been more important.”

On Saturday, November 2nd, at the plush and state of the art auditorium of the Roosevelt Public Library, who is co-sponsoring the event, The Furthering Fathering Corp. is taking the importance of the father-daughter relationship to another level. “Hope needs promotion. Fatherhood is the blessing business and the meaning of dads giving their children the blessing will be made clear,” Jeremy continues.

Hosted by renowned radio personality Liz Black of WBLS/WLIB, the Symposium called “Furthering Fathering Worldwide: The impact of fatherlessness on girls and women and the importance of involved fatherhood” will feature a bevy of thought inspiring treats that will serve as a catalyst for ongoing honor, encouragement, accountability, reconciliation and training. There will be prayer, a powerful panel discussion, a captivating one man show, poetry, music, video and good food.

The panel will consist of brand builder, marketer and fundraiser Theresa O’ Neal, marketing executive Ylorie Anderson, motivational speaker, life coach and author Mellisa Lambert, worship leader, singer and author, Thurston O’Neal, the vice president of education for 100 Black Men of Long Island, Jeremiah Sumter, NYC Councilman Hon. Ruben Wills and Pastor Mark Witsell of The Haven Church. Each panelist possesses an in depth knowledge and understanding of why daughters need dads and why dads need encouragement.

There will be a dance performance by Roosevelt’s own Gooding Dance Academy and a singing performance by Thurston O’Neal. The event will conclude with a one man show by Kraal “Kayo” Charles. While partaking light delectable cuisine, all involved visit sponsors and participants tables. The goal is not merely to have an event but to establish ongoing encouragement relationships, where fatherhood can be elevated and families are stabilized by faith, hope and love.

“Getting fathers invested in the spiritual, mental and physical wellbeing of their children and children who may not have paternal leadership is the end game. Our nation and world needs this,” says Jeremy. The Furthering Fathering Corporation is a nonprofit Christian ministry that works within and equally outside the church walls to bless dads, families and select organizations move far from frustration and complaining to a productive, beneficial God-honoring very good abundant life. Come out, join and enjoy. Kindly RSVP

About The Furthering Fathering Corporation
The Furthering Fathering Corporation is a nonprofit organization established to elevate, enhance, and promote fatherhood by building accountability vehicles to train, develop and equip fathers to be responsible and nurturing parents. Through programs, workshops, symposiums, and events, fathers and families are given the information and tools they need to grow.
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