Ural Mining-Metallurgical Company Welcomes to Participate in the Innovation Contest

Verkhnaya Pyshma, Russia, October 24, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Ural Mining-Metallurgical Company (UMMC) welcomes to participate in the Innovation Contest for creating a new fabrication of goods based on selenium, tellurium, indium and cadmium produced in the metallic form by the companies of the UMMC Group.

Terms and conditions of the Innovation Contest, including requirements to the Application, project content and etc. are given in the Innovation Contest Documentation, which you can download in the following link http://www.ugmk.com/en/business/ik/.

Applicants of the Innovation Contest may be any legal entities, regardless of their legal structure, incorporation form, form of ownership, location and country of stay, including: companies of defense industry, higher education establishments, research and development institutions, innovation companies and other organizations as well as any individuals, including: entrepreneurs, authors of results of intellectual activity and/or creative teams, who submitted Application for participation in the Innovation Contest.

You can send your Applications to the following contact people and do not hesitate to ask them further relevant questions:

- Applications in Russian
Victor Sukhomlin, e-mail: suhomlin@ugmk.com ,
Tel.: +7 (34368)-9-66-89; fax: +7 (34368)-9-66-50

- Applications in English
Oxana Gorodnitskaya, e-mail: Oxana@ugmk.com ,
Tel: +7 (34368)- 4-61-93; fax: +7 (34368)-4-60-39

You can seek for all announcements and additional information related to the Innovation Contest in the following link http://www.ugmk.com/en/business/ik/.
UMMC Holding
Mikhail Shurygin