New Bradt Guide to World’s Newest Country: Visit South Sudan with Secret Compass in 2014

Bristol, United Kingdom, October 25, 2013 --( This month saw the publication of Bradt’s travel guide to the world’s newest country, South Sudan – and in February 2014 an intrepid team of adventurers will begin their exploration with Secret Compass to this fascinating country - "Lost Heart of Africa."

Secret Compass pioneered adventure travel to South Sudan in 2012 with a world-first ascent of its highest mountain. It remains the only operator to offer expeditions of this nature. Glen Downton, a former expedition team member, said, “We could have been the only tourists in the entire country.”

Levison Wood, co-founder of Secret Compass, worked with Bradt on their first-edition guide, which features his astonishing photography.

Wood said, "South Sudan is like the wild west of Africa. The capital Juba is a microcosm of a continent in flux – the old, tribal Africa versus modernism at its most vibrant. Mobile phone masts are springing up giving a population access to 21st-century technology in a place that still has less then 100km of paved roads in a country the size of Germany.

“Outside the booming capital, a life unchanged in centuries persists. You’ll see tribal scarification, spear-wielding villagers out to hunt impala and fishermen in dugout canoes. Capturing this on camera is an utter delight. It’s a place where only a handful has ever been and nothing is put on for show. Everything is authentic, from the Dinka wrestling, the ash-covered faces in a cattle camp, to the floating villages that inhabit the Sudd swamps.

“There’s wildlife too: the world’s biggest migration of mammals on the planet, the snake-like Nile that is the lifeblood of the country and is full of crocodiles, hippos and the mammoth Nile Perch. This is one of the last wildernesses in Africa and is well worth a visit, but it’s not for the faint-hearted."

Journalist Celia Topping described her experiences as part of the first ever team to summit South Sudan’s highest mountain. “At a mere 3,187m, we were barely half as high as Kilimanjaro. However, it wasn’t the height of Mount Kinyeti that was cause for celebration, but its location. We were the first commercial expedition team to climb the highest mountain in the newest country in the world.”

The 2014 South Sudan trek with Secret Compass begins in the capital, Juba. It combines an exploratory trek into the Imatong Mountains – only visited a handful of times in the last 30 years – with a river journey down the least explored stretch of the White Nile. A trip to Nimule National Park (home to antelope, elephant and hippos) completes a unique African experience.

Highlights of the 2014 adventure to South Sudan

· Summit Mount Kinyeti, Sudan’s highest mountain.
· Trek remote jungle paths – former transit routes to Uganda in the civil war.
· Five-day river expedition on the White Nile, with crocodiles and hippos.
· Meet rural South Sudanese villagers in a world where tourism is unknown.

Secret Compass’s marketing manager, Kerry O’Neill, added, “We’re thrilled that Lev’s imagery in the new Bradt guidebook looks set to inspire more visits to this fascinating country. They could help kick-start a vital tourism economy, encouraging others to visit this beautiful country whose reputation is so often mired in tales of political unrest.”

South Sudan fact box

· Bradt Travel Guide: The first edition of this guide came out this month.
· Newest country: South Sudan is the world’s newest country and was formed on 9th July 2011.
· Largest migration on earth: South Sudan hosts the largest ever mammal migration on earth. Over two million White Eared Kob antelope migrate across the country each February.

For information about Secret Compass’s 2014 expedition to South Sudan, contact or call 00 44 7815 896 533.

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