MLA Suzanne Anton Reaching Out to Local Global Business to Better Understand Today’s Economic Challenges

Kryton International Inc., the Vancouver based manufacturer of concrete waterproofing products, will receive a powerful vote of support from its local MLA Suzanne Anton when she visits its headquarters on Friday, October 25th.

Vancouver, Canada, October 25, 2013 --( As one of the stars of British Columbia’s manufacturing base and named as one of the “Best Companies to Work for in British Columbia” for four consecutive years, Kryton’s balanced global presence has ensured jobs have been secured in BC despite the recent recession and global economic turmoil.

Kryton’s success has been built upon the foundations of a strong product line. Together with this a passion to build better structures, to disseminate concrete knowledge and to promote sustainable business practices have been the guiding principles. Kryton successfully celebrated 40 years in business this past September. However, Kryton is not just a Vancouver company but a global company that happens to be based in Vancouver. This is a critical distinction as it frames how it seized opportunities and looks to expand markets. Such an expansive vision needs fertile soil to grow. When the British Columbia government decided to hold its general election on May 14, 2013, the company’s plan to hire six new employees was put on hold pending the election results.

With the Liberals retaining power, Kryton felt confident in resuming their planned growth, and is now looking to bring on new employees.

“A healthy business environment generates revenue, jobs, and investment at the same time as helping to build strong vibrant healthy communities. On the whole, the Liberals understand the needs of economic growth and supporting business,” adds Kari Yuers, Kryton President and CEO.

Strong, Vancouver-based manufacturers such as Kryton provide jobs and opportunities to help their local community thrive. In Kryton’s case, their straight talking, ethical business style combined with their category defining products meant they boxed above their weight-class, winning projects against tough international competition from better known companies with larger marketing budgets.

Yuers further adds that, “Winning on a global stage can only be achieved if there is support at home. We’re competing against other products and brands not based in BC, and if we don’t win there is no benefit for BC, Canada and jobs – it’s as simple as that. In short: a strong government support system for local manufacturers helps them to create more well-paying jobs for local professionals.”

As the newly appointed Attorney General and Minister of Justice in British Columbia, Vancouver South MLA Suzanne Anton will get a glimpse of what kind of local government support has helped to bring the company this far, and how she can help local manufacturers such as Kryton achieve more milestones going forward.

Kryton International Inc. provides the most effective concrete waterproofing systems in the world. With over 40 years of experience, 50 distributors worldwide, and more than 10,000 successful waterproofing projects, Kryton is recognized and acknowledged as the leader in taking the risk out of concrete waterproofing globally.

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