Shortfoot Auctions, a New Online Auction Platform

Portsmouth, VA, October 26, 2013 --( Shortfoot Auctions is designed to be a platform used by online shoppers or cyber shoppers to reach out to users like themselves who buy, sell and discuss items they have a common interest in.

Founded by Maveline D. Locke a Navy veteran, Shortfoot Auctions is intended to provide a common platform where online users can sell goods and services to buyers worldwide in several languages.

Maveline has decided that no country is too small to be afforded the opportunity to become a part of today’s giant cyber market. She thinks there should be no limits to online users no matter where in the world they are located, we all know that goods and services change hands each day and this trend is moving everyday more and more to the cyber world.

Internet World Stats shows that as of June, 2012 only about one third of the world’s population has used any internet services so she thinks there is endless room for growth in the Cyber Market and no region or country should be left behind.

With this in mind she wants to make available a more reasonably priced platform to all online sellers no matter if you sell one item or hundreds of items, this is the platform for you.
Shortfoot Auctions
Maveline Locke