Madison Dae Clarion

Smiling Cashier in "Alison Gold- Chinese Food" Thrilled with Video's Success

Madison Dae Clarion, cashier in Alison Gold's Chinese Food viral video, is Chinese and an actress in Hollywood. She is currently appearing in a video art exhibit at the Perry Rubenstein Gallery until December 14.

Hollywood, CA, November 04, 2013 --( The smiling cashier in the viral video, "Alison Gold- Chinese Food," has now been revealed to be the up and coming, 12 year old, Hollywood actress, Madison Dae Clarion.

Madison, contrary to public comment observations, really is 100% Chinese. She also appears in Alison Gold's prequel video "A-B-C-D," due to be released November 4. In the works is a music video of her own, also with PMW producer Patrice Wilson of "Friday" fame.

Madison's multiple talents are also featured in her current appearance in the current film art exhibit at the Perry Rubenstein Gallery in Hollywood where internationally celebrated film artist, Candice Breitz of Berlin Germany has installed the US premiere of "The Woods" until Dec 14.

Shot on location in Los Angeles in September 2012 with the support of a professional Hollywood crew, "The Audition" features 25 aspiring child actors aged between 10 and 16.

In place of the short comedic or dramatic monologues that they would usually be asked to prepare and perform for a Hollywood audition, Breitz asked each actor to learn and re-perform a series of quotations transcribed directly from online videos featuring local industry gurus offering professional advice to would-be child actors.

Drawing on and following the protocol of Hollywood auditions and casting routines,"The Audition" also incorporates footage of the young actors being ‘slated,’, and singing excerpts of songs of their choice. Several of the kids perform self-written songs.

The young actors are additionally captured enduring free-form screen tests, during which they were asked to engage the camera as they wished, without any direction whatsoever, for the duration of 5 minutes.

"It is a winning state of affairs for an artist to completely delight a viewer with such subterranean expectations. Ms. Breitz is not only a gifted artist but also an astute analyst of fame, desire and pop culture. Intellect and ambition are wedded to wit and a musical sense of rhythm and editing. The effect is hypnotic."

Mario M. Muller - review of Candice Breitz: The Woods
at the Perry Rubenstein Gallery, Los Angeles
October 19 - December 14, 2013
Madison Dae Clarion
Carol Clarion