Baton Rouge Based Business Launches Kickstarter Campaign Last Drop Bottle Top Allows Gravity to do Its Work

Baton Rouge, LA, October 30, 2013 --( It’s a common dilemma shared by many consumers; whenever they attempt to access the last drop of product in shampoo or lotion bottles they simply cannot get it all out. Pump top lotions and other products run low which causes the pump to stop working - effectively stranding an estimated 3% to 25% of the product at the bottom of the bottle. In fact, a Consumer Reports study concluded this occurs regularly with items ranging from condiments to detergents to skin lotions.

In 2013, Baton Rouge, Louisiana residents Dee Collier and Scott Carrington launched Better Bottle Top, LLC with a desire to provide consumers with a bottle closure that allows them to stand plastic squeeze bottles with semi solid liquids (such as lotions and shampoos) upside down in order to dispense up to 99% of the bottle contents. After months of design, development, and testing the Last Drop Bottle Top™ working prototype was created and they are launching their KickStarter campaign TODAY on

Through the power of crowdfunding the founders of Better Bottle Top, LLC are looking forward to sharing their story of ideation and invention, engaging with funders, and realizing their dream of bringing a product to market that will meet the needs of consumers.

Information can be found on the company’s website at as well as the KickStarter Campaign page at

If you'd like more information about the campaign, the product, or to schedule an interview with Scott Carrington or Dee Collier, please call Scott Carrington at 225-907-0829 or e-mail Scott at
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