Trends Expert from The Avant-Guide Institute: Reinventing Everyday Devices is On-Trend

Daniel Levine is seeing more and more common items being upgraded.

New York, NY, October 30, 2013 --( Leading keynote speaker and renowned trends expert Daniel Levine is reporting a surprising trend as common household objects are being reinvented to be more efficient, more environmentally-conscious, and more user-friendly. Gone are the days of producing the same model over and over again. Instead, new innovation and new ideas are breathing new life into a stagnant space.

“Creative people are looking around the house and asking if anything can be improved upon,” says Levine, a leading consumer trends expert. “New technology is being used to give unexpected makeovers to traditional objects.”

For example, there is the light bulb. For more than 100 years, the bulb has had a rounded design that narrows at the bottom and uses filament to generate illumination. Now, shapes include corkscrew and flattened designs, while LED technology is replacing filament. And designers have even figured out how to prevent light bulbs from being hot-to-touch.

Light bulbs aren’t the only item undergoing serious changes. The computer mouse is being re-imagined. Instead of a docked piece of physical hardware, the cursor may soon be controlled by eye movements. Desks, coffee tables, and other furniture are receiving kinetic upgrades that adjust in height in response to the needs of their user. Even ordinary door locks are being reinvented, as smart phone apps and Bluetooth technology make keys irrelevant.

“Reinventing common household objects reflects an appreciation for today’s technology,” says Levine. “Innovators are embracing better materials, more streamlined techniques, and better programs. Combine that with a genuine desire to innovate, and it is apparent that technology can be applied to nearly and device.”

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