Daniel Levine: Corporate Activism is Appearing More Frequently in the Business Sector

The trends expert says businesses are trying to keep up with customer beliefs. - September 06, 2014

Daniel Levine: Baby Trends Are Growing Up

The trends expert and keynote speaker is seeing an increasing number of infant-related products. - August 28, 2014

Daniel Levine: the Do-It-Yourself Retail Trend

The trends expert says we’re heading toward a future of minimal customer service. - August 24, 2014

Daniel Levine: The Electric Car is Moving Into High Gear

The noted trends expert is seeing a trend in big name electric vehicle producers. - August 22, 2014

Daniel Levine: Customization Trend is Dominating Consumer Business

The noted trends expert and public speaker is seeing an increase in personalized products. - August 15, 2014

Daniel Levine: Consumers Are Looking for the Unique

The trends expert is seeing a rise in demand for products that are exotic and new. - August 09, 2014

Daniel Levine: Organic is Expanding Beyond Food

The trends expert is seeing a rise in the ways in which ordinary products are viewed. - July 31, 2014

Daniel Levine: the "Healthier" Food Trend Keeps Going

The trends expert is seeing a rise in foods that are idealized for healthy properties. - July 26, 2014

Daniel Levine: The Experience is Trending

The trends expert and keynote speaker is seeing a growth in the number of people who are doing new things. - July 24, 2014

Daniel Levine Named Trends Editor-at-Large for Travel Market Report

Trends expert Daniel Levine is joining the staff of one of the leading industry websites. - July 18, 2014

Daniel Levine: Rebranded Products Are Everywhere

The trends expert is seeing a rise in products meant for adults being rebranded for children. - July 17, 2014

Daniel Levine: Connections Are Making a Comeback

The trends expert and keynote speaker says that allowing people to meet each other is trending. - July 11, 2014

Daniel Levine: Technology Trends are Changing the Way We Drive

The trends expert is noting an increase in safety measures for drivers. - July 10, 2014

Daniel Levine: Food Sustainability is a Growing Subject

The trends expert is seeing an increase in demand for environmentally-friendly food. - July 05, 2014

Daniel Levine: Spirits Are Soaring as Liquor Gets Reexamined

The trends expert notes a shift in how hard alcohol is produced. - July 03, 2014

Daniel Levine: Unique Food Selections Are Always on Trend

The trends expert is seeing a rise in unusual food selections. - June 29, 2014

Daniel Levine: Robotic Technology is Taking on Human Tasks

The trends expert reports a growing number of tasks for programmed machines. - June 26, 2014

Daniel Levine: Awareness of the Body-Conscious Trend is Growing

The trends expert notes a change in how products are consumed. - June 22, 2014

Daniel Levine: Marriage Trends Are Breaking Traditional Vows

The noted trends expert is seeing a shift in the institution of marriage. - June 20, 2014

Daniel Levine: Adopted Trends Are Reinventing Sports

The trends expert is seeing a change in the way our favorite pastimes are viewed. - June 14, 2014

Daniel Levine: the Chinese Status Trend Continues to Grow

The trends expert and keynote speaker is tracking the practice of symbolizing one’s wealth. - June 05, 2014

Daniel Levine: the Way We Relax is Changing

The trends expert is seeing new ideas to help people unwind. - June 03, 2014

Daniel Levine: New Takes on Product Packaging Are Trending

The trends expert is seeing bottling ideas in a variety of shapes and sizes. - May 29, 2014

Trends Expert Daniel Levine Says Solar Power is on the Rise

The energy source is being used in a growing number of ways. - May 23, 2014

Daniel Levine: Daily Life is Changing Rapidly

The trends experts notes how smart technology is causing radical shifts - May 22, 2014

Daniel Levine: Self-Powering Tech is on the Way

The trends expert explains the importance of generating power. - May 15, 2014

Daniel Levine: Lighting is Quickly Evolving

The trends expert is following a number of trends that embrace lighting technology. - May 09, 2014

Daniel Levine: New Takes on the House Are Trending

The trends expert believes the house you grew up in is changing quickly. - May 04, 2014

WikiTrend.org: Chewing Gum is Trending

The global trends-spotting site is indicates gum is benefitting from other trends. - May 02, 2014

Daniel Levine: Trends from an Unexpected Source

The trends expert notes the rise of trends from a land-locked Asian nation. - May 01, 2014

WikiTrend.org: Wine Popularity is Inspiring Out-of-the-Bottle Thinking

The trends-spotting site is following wine trends that are anything but vintage. - April 26, 2014

Daniel Levine: Attitudes Towards Food Are Rapidly Changing

The trends expert is following the rise of all-natural foods. - April 25, 2014

Daniel Levine: Corporate Transparency Continues to Trend

The trends expert sees no end in sight for the transparency trend. - April 23, 2014

WikiTrend.org: The Smart Watch is on the Verge

The trends-spotting collective notes the recent surge in smart watch ideas. - April 17, 2014

Daniel Levine: The Small Capacity Brewery is on Trend

The trends expert is following the growth of the nano-brewery. - April 10, 2014

Daniel Levine: The Drone is Taking Over

The trends expert is tracking developments in unmanned transport. - April 03, 2014

Daniel Levine: Luxury Brands Are Shifting Into Hospitality

The consumer trends expert is following a series of new ideas from famous brands. - March 31, 2014

WikiTrend.org: the Café Continues to be a Leader in Trends

The trends-spotting collective is seeing an amazing number of ideas taking shape. - March 29, 2014

Daniel Levine: Interactive Advertising is on the Rise

The leading trends expert is watching an increase in flexible messages. - March 20, 2014

WikiTrend.org: Unusual Products Are Now Being Marketed Towards Children

The trends collective reports growth in this specific sector. - March 15, 2014

Daniel Levine: Large Cities Are Moving Underground

The trends expert is seeing a growing number of developments below street level. - March 13, 2014

Daniel Levine: Online Ordering Continues to Grow

The noted public speaker is seeing a rise in digital buying for everyday purchases. - March 08, 2014

WikiTrend.org: Unique Beverage Trend is Bubbling Up

The trends collective is noting a growing trend in non-traditional beverages - March 07, 2014

Daniel Levine: the Cruise Industry is Experiencing a Variety of Trends

The noted trends expert is following a variety of trends in the popular part of the tourism. - March 06, 2014

WikiTrend.org: Smart Phones Are Making Travel Easier

The trends collective is reporting a variety of trends fueled by smart device use. - March 04, 2014

Daniel Levine: Sustainable Energy is Growing on a Major Scale

The public speaker is seeing governments take interest in environmentally-friendly power. - March 01, 2014

Daniel Levine: the Unique Farming Trend is Blooming

The trends expert is seeing a rise in new farming ideas - February 27, 2014

Daniel Levine: the Self-Driving Car is Moving Forward at High Speed

The trends expert is seeing a number of developments in the high-tech trend. - February 24, 2014

WikiTrend.org: Traditional Entertainment is Trending Downward

The trends-spotting collaborative is seeing major changes in the film and television industries. - February 22, 2014

Daniel Levine: Healthy Eating is Trending Rapidly

The trends expert is seeing changes in how food is made. - February 20, 2014

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