Unusual Yoga Kickstarter Project Smashes Funding Goal in Less Than 7 hours

An exciting new project on Kickstarter just absolutely smashed its funding goal of $20,000 within less than 7 hours of going live. MyYogaPro combines online yoga classes with a social network for yogis and a video game-like rewarding system. Just another yoga video website? Definitely not! This project aims to revolutionize the way people learn and practice yoga at home by making the yoga experience personal, social and rewarding.

New York, NY, October 30, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Yoga, though widely popular, still suffers from the stigma of 1) being too expensive 2) being too difficult and 3) being too time consuming. Introducing MyYogaPro: the first-ever social online platform that offers a wide range of yoga classes that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and uses game theory elements to maximize practice results.

20,000 Yogis Can’t be Wrong

After launching a series of yoga videos called the 30 Day Yoga Challenge yoga teacher Erin Motz and lifestyle entrepreneur Andreas Zoltan were shocked by the overwhelming success of their concept. Over 20,000 yogis had signed up within just a few months. The two realized that many people are looking for a clear and rewarding path when practicing yoga. The idea for MyYogaPro was born.

Yoga and Social Gaming? Yes, please!

MyYogaPro will offer 16 in-depth yoga courses and access to more than 200 exclusive HD videos of yoga classes, sequences and poses hosted by veteran YouTube instructor Erin Motz. As mentioned, MyYogaPro has a social component that allows yoga lovers from all over the world to connect. Want to complete the "Power Yoga Challenge" together with your best friend and grow your practice together? Not a problem!

And now it get’s a bit crazy. In MyYogaPro yogis get to earn reward badges and level up after completing courses and classes. With every level, the yoga courses get harder and the challenge bigger. Sharing small and big success with the community along the way is one of the key features to keep yoga fun and rewarding. To keep the yogi even more motivated MyYogaPro comes with a cool tracking system that visualizes one’s progress and shows people how far they have come in their practice.

By the way, yoga lovers get full access to their yoga practice from their laptop, desktop, iPhone, iPad or Android device. It literally gives yogis the flexibility to take their yoga practice further, anytime and anywhere.

The Yoga Revolution is on!

Within 24 hours MyYogaPro reached over 150% of its funding goal and there’s still more than a month to go. Looks like the yoga revolution has begun. Watch the Kickstarter video here to join in: http://kck.st/17nmimt
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