Tint & Tonic Releases First Line of All Natural Face and Body Paints and Other Creative Body Products

Sister team (artist & alchemist) launches Tint & Tonic’s new line of innovative body products to provide natural alternatives for costuming, festivals, parties and cosmetic use.

Berkeley, CA, November 02, 2013 --(PR.com)-- California-based Tint & Tonic is pleased to announce the launch of its innovative, all-natural, handcrafted body care product line, which includes botanically based face and body paints, and essential-oil infused aromatic balm sticks.

Tint & Tonic's creative line of bold, vibrant face and body paints are made with exotic, nourishing ingredients like vanilla and licorice powders, turmeric, annatto, and sweet almond oil. These all-natural tints can be used at festivals or concerts, for costuming, temporary tattooing, Halloween (or Day of the Dead, if that’s more your style), or theatric make-up. Face and body paint sets include six vibrant colors, and the line also includes a Tribal Festival kit and a Geisha kit.

Tint & Tonic also offers a set of aromatic balms infused with sultry essential oils like bergamot and vetiver, with delicate citrus and floral top notes. More exciting and inventive products are on the way.

Ashley Phelps (the artist) and Lisa Phelps-Cassan (the alchemist) are the sister team powering Tint & Tonic, whose singular focus is on creating the highest quality, all-natural body care products. All of Tint & Tonic’s products are artificial dye, chemical, paraben, and preservative-free, and are packaged in sustainable, biodegradable and recyclable containers.


Ashley is the founder of Glob botanical paints, which was developed out of her need for chemical-free art supplies, due to skin sensitivities.

Combined with sister Lisa's love for essential oils, and making her own salves and skin remedies, the sisters decided to join forces and develop natural and nourishing creative body products.

Tint & Tonic's products are available at: http://tintandtonic.com and select stores.

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