Healthy Herbal Brews Introduces It's Premiere Product: Chia Tea

The world's first tea created from chia is now on the market for purchase.

Brooklyn, NY, November 02, 2013 --( Healthy Herbal Brews LLC was founded by two 'Foodies' who have been experimenting with home grown, hand crafted teas since they were in graduate school together. Cultivating delicious yet healthy brews became their hobby and passion. Soon they began sharing their creations with family and friends, who clamored back for more.

But it wasn't until they discovered how to fashion a gourmet, boutique, herbal tea made from 100% all natural chia that they decided it was too good -- and beneficial -- not to share with everyone. And so, Healthy Herbal Brews was born, commencing with it's premier product... Chia Tea.

Chia tea is handcrafted from premium 100% all natural chia. Brimming with healthy antioxidants, omegas and other minerals, modern research has shown that this ancient resource is truly a superfood and utilitarian to the modern person's diet. Chia tea embodies a full, rich, herbal flavor with hints of spruce and a slight undertone of pear. Color is a dark russet. Matches with anything at anytime.

Chia Tea.... the power of chia brewed in your cup.

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Healthy Herbal Brews
Steven Barasch