Leading Edge Medical Extends Invitations to Luminaries

Hong Kong-based LEMed has extended invitations to two stem cell pioneers to join its Science Advisory Board.

Wan Chai, Hong Kong S.A.R., November 03, 2013 --(PR.com)-- LEMed (Leading Edge Medical, Ltd.), http://www.healingmed.com, the specialist stem cell and laser therapy research and distribution group announces that it has extended formal invitations to two luminaries within the world of stem cell research to join its Science Advisory Board.

The two doctors are:

Israel’s Dr. Shimon Slavin, a renowned pioneer in cell therapy and immunology and one of the first MDs to use cellular therapy treatment on human patients in the early 1990s. He has written more than 600 scientific publications and has served as a visiting professor at two highly-respected US universities, Southwestern University of Dallas at Texas and the University of Minneapolis in Minnesota.

Dr. Roberto Fernandez-Vina, a native of Argentina, was among the first to implant stem cells into a human heart damaged by a myocardial infarction. He has twice been invited to teach stem cell therapy for coronary applications at the Shandong University in China and has been designated an Honorary professor at Beijing University.

Don Margolis, Managing Director at LEMed said, “We have formally extended invitation to these two giants of stem cell research and cellular therapy to join our Science Advisory Board. We have asked them to join us because we have no doubt whatsoever that their unique perspective, extensive experience and invaluable input will serve to strengthen our own knowledge and understanding while simultaneously helping us to further develop the practical applications of this truly remarkable branch of science that still hasn’t realized its full potential.”

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