DTR Inc. Gives Its Website a Facelift

DTR Inc.’s new, streamlined website now includes its latest offering, a comprehensive work readiness and customer service training program for training venues and on the job training.

Delray Beach, FL, November 04, 2013 --(PR.com)-- DTR Inc. is a consulting and mentoring firm established in December of 1994 and is located in Palm Beach County, Florida.

The new website has three main paths, the consulting and mentoring services offered to clients; a work readiness and customer service training program available for purchase; and an entrepreneurship and management training program available for purchase.

The consulting and mentoring services offered by DTR Inc. are: business plan writing, strategic planning, procedure and process optimization, business plan mentoring, entrepreneurship mentoring, sales and customer service training, writing your elevator pitch, market research (surveys, focus groups, shops), generating branding strategies, and procedure manual writing.

The tools available for its work readiness and customer service training program include: an instructor book with teacher tools (includes: lecture content, in-class exercises, personal participant worksheets, assessment tests with an answer key in the back of the book, competency statements with tracking forms, chapter key points to use for a review prior to final/certification exams, eight workplace scenarios where things go right and things go wrong which can be used as the basis for final/certification tests, a write up to help venues develop their training program structure and parameters, and a write up to help instructors construct test questions for their final/certification exam), classroom copies of the books that only include the lecture content and certification scenarios (no exercise answers, no competency statements, etc.) and PowerPoint presentations for the instructors to use while teaching the Program.

The tools available for the entrepreneurship program are a textbook which includes worksheets to help the participants perform the tools (business plan, strategic planning, elevator pitch, sales script, branding message, management strategy, customer service strategy, etc.) learned in class. PowerPoint slides with excellent support materials exist, and in the near future, the plan is to put them online so that venues teaching DTR’s entrepreneurship and management training program can access them. In the meantime, contact DTR Inc. to arrange to use the PowerPoint slides and support materials.

For more information, visit www.DTRConsulting.BIZ.
DTR Inc.
Jay Goldberg