A Graduation to Remember

The HomeScholar released ebook about the how to make your homeschool graduation memorable with celebration.

Seattle, WA, November 04, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Graduation is a momentous occasion for a homeschool student, but most homeschool parents don’t have much of a clue how to go about preparing for it. Homeschool author and consultant Lee Binz reaches out to these needy parents in her newly released ebook, “Graduate Your Homeschooler in Style: Make Your Homeschool Graduation Memorable” (available on Amazon for just $2.99), and offers them an essential guide to preparing for and celebrating a child’s launching into adulthood.

Part of Binz’s Coffee Break Books series, written especially for parents who want detailed homeschool information in a short book, “Graduate Your Homeschooler in Style” shows how to master the details of graduation ceremonies and mementos, party ideas, senior year essentials, packing for college, and what to do when homeschooling is finished. Homeschool parent Brenda U. was enthusiastic: “What a great guide for giving your homeschooler a memorable graduation that is as unique as they are!” Kim P. agreed: “So helpful and full of wisdom! Easy to read and full of information.”

Lee Binz is The HomeScholar. Her mission is “helping parents homeschool high school.” Her help with transcripts and course descriptions prepares homeschoolers for success in college admission and scholarships. She offers free individual consultations, and her online Gold Care Club is the world’s most convenient high school support group. Her dynamic presentations leave parents feeling confident and capable. She can be found online at The HomeScholar.

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