Advanced Health Institute Announce Consulting Development to Cater to Healthcare Reform

As Healthcare reform gains momentum, AHI announces new division of consulting for Health Care Systems.

Bloomington, MN, November 04, 2013 --( AHI (Advanced Health Institute), a wholly owned subsidiary of Singapore-based IAHG (International Advanced Health Institute), is pleased to announce a new division of consulting for Health Care Systems.

US based Advanced Health Institute brings over 7 years of experience in wound analytics, market research and development. Health Care systems and insurers will be able to utilize this expertise for strategic development under new health care laws. They will also benefit from tools created by International Advanced Healing Group and Advanced Health Institute to better understand member and patient profiles, network management, efficiency in managing risk for patient populations and risk to the systems.

International Advanced Healing Group and Advanced Health Institute recently announced its application for a patent for their proprietary Health Outcomes Operational Platform (HOOP).

HOOP is a web-based software solution that employs the tractability of cloud technology to deliver optimal care coordination. HOOP makes use of a proprietary database compiled over the last 8 years. This base of information feeds HOOP’s unique algorithm, providing clinicians and health care providers with a superior decision support tool. This supported clinical evidence eliminates guesswork and moves to data supported decisions that allow for baseline measuring against next best protocols. As information is entered into HOOP, the system continues to improve its guidelines and establish supported protocols.

According to Peter Schilling of International Advanced Healing Group, “This is also counter-intuitive to how healthcare operates today. Taking budget level, fee-based services and moving them into a 'normal' profit and loss business model; HOOP is a tool that allows for the shift required by the Accountable Care Act and to fit into the new Accountable Care Organizations.”

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) also referred to as the Affordable Care Act (ACA), is a US federal decree introduced by President Barack Obama in 2010. The PPACA denotes the most important reform of the country's healthcare system since the passing of Medicare and Medicaid in 1965.

“As the regulatory overhaul of healthcare systems continues to gain impetus, data and the ability to produce actionable plans from data is crucial to managing the treatment of populations at a reduced cost,” says Schilling.

About Advanced Health Institute, Inc.
AHI was formed in 2005 with a goal to provide a more effective and efficient clinical solution to heal chronic wounds. After a strategic reorganization in 2013, AHI is now positioned to move aggressively towards fulfilling its Vision: To transform the wound care segment of the healthcare industry by providing a Formulary process that improves the health and care of the patient while reducing the cost burden to all stakeholders. AHI has been a revenue-generating company since 2007 with the first two non-revenue producing years devoted to building algorithms, testing products, documenting case histories, comparing outcomes of AHS treated chronic wound patients with outcomes of patients treated by traditional protocols.

About International Advanced Healing Group, Ltd.
International Advanced Healing Group is a multinational company that has developed a trainable, repeatable, scalable system and protocol that is applicable across all types of wound care. Through their research and development IAHG has become the leader of information, technology and outcomes in the wound care field. No other area of health care has taken the time to collect the data that we have, data that drives the decision mechanism this system provides.
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