Scalada Holdings to Conduct Validation Studies in South America

Scalada Holdings Second Generation Elemental Ionization System to be tested at Chilean mining operation.

Singapore, Singapore, November 06, 2013 --( Manly Logan, Chief Executive Officer of Singapore-based sustainable solutions group, Scalada Holdings, Ltd. has announced that the company has been invited to conduct prospective validation studies at a site in Chile.

A team of Scalada Holdings water-tech engineers and experts are due to visit the site, which is operated by a leading international mining company, over the next few weeks. Scalada Holdings have been called upon to carry out prospective validation work to test the capability of their Second Generation Elemental Ionization System (EIS) in removing or inactivating wastewater contaminants at the Chilean site.

Validation studies establish the value assurance protocols associated with a particular treatment product or process. They are designed to institute complete control over process outcomes. To accomplish this objective, the Scalada Holdings team will conduct a litany of rigorous laboratory tests and field evaluations as well as compile the necessary documentation detailing their findings, guidelines and evidence.

Validation of treatment systems is a mandatory step in the treatment of wastewaters. Due to the nature of water treatment systems and the ever-changing variables and dynamics, end product testing alone is not sufficient evidence to conclusively determine that a system operates as purported. From the purification of the wastewaters to the storage and conveyance of the water, each aspect of the process must be thoroughly tested and confirmed in a controlled testing environment.

Mr. Logan said, “We at Scalada Holdings are confident that our Elemental Ionization System will produce superior results and be well suited to meet the needs of this operation. We look forward to the results of the first stage of this validation study.”

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