Monitis Introduces Widgets for Building Tailored Performance Management Applications

Yerevan, Armenia, September 19, 2007 --( Monitis, a leading provider of free web monitoring service Mon.itor.Us and on-demand premium performance management services, has introduced series of widgets, allowing its customers to build tailored business performance monitoring applications within Google ecosystem. Utilizing Monitis Widgets, companies can achieve transparency and control over their web operations. The Monitis Widgets are free enhancements available to all Monitis and Mon.itor.Us community.

Growing importance of web-based applications and services led to new sets of requirements how companies and specialists would like to view and control their web systems operations. Using Monitis Uptime Snapshot, Monitis Perfometer and Monitis Visitor Tracking and soon-to-be-released Monitis Global Watch Google widgets, companies can assemble in a matter of minutes a variety of business applications, particularly tailored for:

• Internet Sales and Marketing: Success of online sales, PPC (pay-per-click) and SEO (search-engine-optimization) campaigns depends on website performance. Live website performance metrics help to improve search marketing ROI particularly by stopping ad campaigns during downtime.

• Service Level Control: Monitis widget provides operational transparency within an organization, and between internal and external service providers and consumers. Business users may set and check performance goals for internal IT operations, manage KPIs (key performance indicators) and control SLA (service level agreements) from third parties.

• IT Systems Management: Utilizing widgets-based applications across organizational vertical silos help exposing performance data and encourage participation and collaboration in accomplishing cost-effective service management of IT systems.

• Customer Support: Continuous service status monitoring helps companies to provide efficient client support, reducing downtime, support requests and increasing customer satisfaction.

“Our mission is to provide the best website monitoring experience for our customers.” says Hovhannes Avoyan, founder and CEO of Monitis “Accordingly our vision is to bring comprehensive web performance controls tailored to different user needs”

Customer with basic Internet user skills can install Monitis widgets on iGoogle, Google Desktop, Google Page Creator, and on their sites that apply Google Gadgets for Your Webpage. Monitis widgets can be found in appropriate Google Gadgets directories or via search.

About Monitis

Monitis is a leading provider of performance measurement on-demand services for small and large scale web systems. Companies use Monitis website performance quality monitoring to gain competitive advantage through efficient business execution, quality user experience and continuous operations. Monitis services check and measure performance from global and local perspectives, monitor servers, network devices, business applications and even IP communications availability 24 by 7. The company has large community of users - more than 11,000 users use Monitis and Mon.itor.Us services, and company monitors more than 60,000 sites and devices.

Contact: Gayane Dallakyan
Sales and Marketing

Gayane Dallakyan