At "Fit for Faith Ministries" Your Body Truly is a Temple, Fit for Faith Ministries is a Christian based fitness ministry that is dedicated to educating and motivating people into becoming better stewards of the body God has given them. They accomplish this through seminars, online and offline literature and body transformation programs within churches.

Philadelphia, PA, November 07, 2013 --( A Christian religious group called “Fit For Faith Ministries” is attracting followers in ever greater numbers. The reason for it's growing ranks is because it's message resonates with a great many more people today than archaic religious institutions. Traditional in it's Christian beliefs, Fit For Faith ministries differs from traditional Christian ministries in that it's advice and teachings focus equally on both body and soul.

Fit For Faith focuses on guiding it's members in maintaining a fit and healthy body in recognition that their bodies were gifts God granted to each of them, and that were never intended to be neglected, nor abused. The ministries also teach that without a fit body believers can not serve God as God intended because without health and fitness, the mind and soul suffer.

Like all Christian organizations, what followers of the Fit For Faith ministries believe is that there is one God, and that God is the creator of all things. Further, followers believe that the Bible is the Word of God, and embrace virtually every other fundamental belief that constitutes the foundation of all Christian faiths.

Where the Fit For Faith ministries differ is in its wholehearted embracing of the belief that biblical stewardship involves the proper management of all that God has given to each person; physical bodies, time, money, abilities, etc. for the purpose of expanding His kingdom. Therefore, Fit For Faith ministries encourages believer to adopt a lifestyle of responsible stewardship that recognizes God’s ownership of everything, and to lead a life that brings honor to God.

To do so, Fit For Faith ministries encourage believers to transform their bodies and lives by enabling them to become better stewards of the body that God has entrusted to them, and to thus be better able to act as witnesses for the gospel of Jesus Christ. To do so, a blueprint is provided to believers to increase health and fitness levels through seminars, online training, educational resources and support.
Fit for Faith Ministries
Jennifer Hayward