A Tuition Revolution for Singaporeans: Opening of I Love Learning Achievement Center

Singapore, Singapore, November 08, 2013 --(PR.com)-- I Love Learning Achievement Center will be officially opening on 2 Dec 2013 at the new mall beside Jurong East MRT Station, Westgate.

I Love Learning Achievement Center offers 2 kinds of programs (on going lessons) and 2 types of workshops (short classes) for children aged 9 to 12. Aimed at promoting a love for learning, the center’s main selling point is its focus on increasing family time through a psychologically proven method to increase accountability in studying, studying techniques that has been proven to increase speed of understanding and the adoption of the “No Homework Policy.” The center also uses gym balls as chairs to increase concentration so students can absorb more in less time, and adopts the cooperative learning style where students will learn in a cohesive and friendly environment. Most importantly, the center specializes in character education, tapping on the higher order thinking abilities of children in high-level moral dilemma discussions, thus ensuring the development of good character in our little ones.

"To deliver good quality programs is not just a service, it's a passion, a personal drive for excellence, which I am committed to. I truly believe in the power of education and will deliver only the best, most successful and researched –upon teaching strategies to you."

Clarice Lim
Founder of I Love Learning Pte. Ltd.

Heavily backed by research studies, all pedagogies adapted are proven to work by scientists all over the world. I Love Learning Achievement Center is the center where children will no longer despise learning as a deprivation from play but a reinforcement to ensure more opportunities of play due to their increased free time from the absence of tuition homework, and an increased speed in tackling school’s work through the speed reading component of the program.

At an estimated rate of $30 per hour, students will be getting:

1. Speed reading training every single session
2. Character strength analysis for customized goal-setting (monitored and reviewed continuously with the child throughout the program)
3. Cooperative learning teaching style
4. Study Map ™ training and adaptation
5. Character Education
6. Small class size of only 6 students
7. No tuition homework
8. Follows MOE syllabus in English, Maths and Science

The whole program focuses on consistency and follow-up to ensure achievement of program objectives. Their program runs twice a week, 2 hours each. Special discounts are available for those who sign up on the day of opening, 2 Dec 2013.

For more information about the center, please contact:

Media Queries
Contact person: Clarice Lim
Tel: +65 9815 0436
Email: clarice.lim@ilovelearning.com.sg
URL: http://www. ilovelearning.com.sg

Public Queries
Contact person: Chee Peisim
Tel: +65 9711 8963
Email: peisim.chee@ilovelearning.com.sg
URL: http://www. ilovelearning.com.sg
I Love Learning Pte. Ltd.
Clarice Lim
+65 9815 0436
Official Opening Media Kit

Official Opening Media Kit

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