Malaysian GST Training to Prepare for Goods and Services Tax Implementation in the Country

Goods and Services Tax (GST) training in Malaysia on "What is GST" for all industries and businesses. The GST training organized by GST Malaysia also covers the manufacturing, import, export and distribution sector. The GST training provides a useful guide to owners and managers in business management, finance and accounting. The GST training provide guidance on GST refund, GST registration, GST claim, GST filing, GST number, tax invoice, GST rate and more.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, November 12, 2013 --( The Malaysian Government announced on 25 October 2013 that it will implement goods and services tax (GST) in Malaysia on 1 April 2015. Every industry and business sector is affected.

GST training and GST education provider at is the first in Malaysia to run a full day GST seminar on "what is GST" and GST for the manufacturing, import, export, distribution sectors.

The GST seminar organized by GST Malaysia dot org is to be held in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur which is about half an hour from KL city center. For more information on the GST seminar or GST training workshop in Malaysia, visit the GST Malaysia's website for the detailed GST topics covered, date and place. For any questions, send an email to info at GST Malaysia dot org. Seats are limited.

Companies from all business sectors have the entire year of 2014 to prepare and implement GST into their accounting and operation process. Although it appears a long way to go, there is a lot of things to prepare. Companies have to send their employees for the right training. Businesses have to learn and understand about the GST process and upgrade their computer system. All business sectors will also have to change the billing and accounting system. It is important that business owners and managers start the GST implementation process correctly and early.

There is a hefty penalty for late GST filing of gst tax return, failure to register for GST and paying lesser GST than what is required. Managing cash flows in the new gst business environment is crucial for business survival.

If any business owner or manager misses out on this important GST seminar event but is interested in knowing more about goods and services tax, register an email at to receive the next coming GST seminar update.

GST Malaysia also has an online GST learning website that offers online GST courses on "what is GST" and "accounting for GST". These courses are available everyday online. They are in both English and Bahasa Malaysia. There is no Mandarin or Chinese version yet.

Business owners and managers will find this GST information very useful. Pass this along to friends, colleagues or business associates who are interested in GST information. Do not miss this informative GST seminar.

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