Libertarian Startup TV Network JAGTV Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

A group of liberty-minded entrepreneurs is determined to do something about media bias, but needs your help.

Los Angeles, CA, November 09, 2013 --( While others simply complain about media bias, a group of liberty-minded entrepreneurs is determined to do something about it. The folks behind JAGTV have banded together to build a network catering to the growing but under-served audience of fiscally conservative but socially liberal viewers.

The startup is reaching outside the usual establishment funding sources to solicit $150,000 in grassroots contributions via Indiegogo. These funds will support its Phase One activities: Further pilot development, market research, focus groups, securing top production talent, advertising, and organization.

“Most people are libertarians – they just don't know it yet. We want to create a platform for libertarian-leaning and libertarian-curious viewers who today have almost no relevant cable broadcast products and extremely few high-quality outlets online," said JAGTV Founder and CEO Jennifer Grossman. “We envision a network that offers a mix of lifestyle, entertainment, and current affairs programming reflecting the values of free minds, free spirits, and free enterprise."

Phase One seed capital will pave the way for Phases Two and Three, which will include identifying and securing major necessary assets for distribution, hiring the launch team, securing agreements with cable carriers, recruiting advertisers, hiring on-air and production talent, leasing studio infrastructure, and full launch of operations.

Ground floor supporters can choose from a variety of rewards ranging from T-shirts, buttons and posters to more irreverent incentives such as JAGTV "Kool-Aid," a Gadsden flag yoga mat, and anarchy ornaments for the atheist in your holiday circle. The highest prize is reserved for $100,000 donors, who will be treated to a private dinner party with celebrated libertarian author and editor Jeffrey Tucker.

“JAGTV is brilliant entrepreneurship, seeing a crying need that others have missed and providing that service with intelligence, boldness, and charm,” says Tucker, editor-in-chief of Laissez-Faire Books. “It's all about the future. This project can do a world of good for human liberty.”

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