Award Winning Digital Media Agency MindSmack Unveils Niche Social Networking Site,

HealthySmack allows users to find like-minded people to experience healthy activities with based on deep rooted likes and interests.

New York, NY, November 10, 2013 --( Unlike most of today’s online social networking platforms, HealthySmack’s purpose is for these new friendships to flourish offline. Users begin by providing their information, location and choosing their favorite activities across three niche categories: Sports, Gym/Fitness and Table Games. The options span far and wide, including activities such as weightlifting, yoga, softball, soccer, scrabble and chess. Users may then join activity-specific events in their area with other like-minded users, or create their own event by picking a time, place, and activity. The activity creator can invite people based on very specific parameters so the activity has much more meaning then just the activity itself.

“What makes HealthySmack special,” says founder and CEO of MindSmack, Sam Feuer, “is the ability for users to search for and join events with people who have things in common, beyond the love of a sport or game or fitness activity.” For this reason, the site asks users to select their preferences in a number of categories such as favorite music, tv interests, and favorite sports teams. HealthySmack also offers many other defining factors to match like-minded people together such as their age, gender, ethnicity, religion, relationship status, orientation and more. In this digital age, no one should feel lonely. “We built HealthySmack to be healthy for the body and for the soul; the chicken soup of social networking, if you will.”

HealthySmack is free to use, and can be linked with a Facebook account.

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