Prospect Genius Announces Addition of PPC to Their Online Marketing Services

Troy, NY, November 10, 2013 --( Business owners who are looking for faster results from their online advertising campaigns now have a solution: Prospect Genius is now offering pay-per-click (PPC) advertising as part of their catalog of marketing services.

Previously, Prospect Genius's selection of online advertising services focused on search engine optimization (SEO). However, they have recently expanded their PPC offerings in order to accommodate a marketing need that's becoming more and more in demand. While SEO is a necessary element of online advertising, as it increases the overall value and relevancy of a Web site, PPC has comparable benefits, as well—primarily, that it's proven to generate results quickly.

Like any Internet marketing strategy, PPC has both pros and cons. According to Prospect Genius spokesman Matt Gallo, "PPC is great when you want to see results quickly. The drawback is, though, just like the name says, you pay for each and every click. In competitive industries, particularly local service fields like plumbing and appliance repair, clicks can cost more than several dollars a piece. In the long run, click costs can really add up, making PPC expensive in the long term."

To combat the risk inherent in a costly campaign like PPC, Prospect Genius promises full transparency when it comes to management fees and advertising budgets. While many other Internet marketers tie their fees to clients' spending budgets, Prospect Genius announces that their management costs will be dictated by a client's chosen number of ad groups.

"When it comes to running a PPC campaign, our costs are associated with ad rotation and testing, keyword management, and bid management, all of which are connected to the ad group, not your spending limit. By charging a management fee per ad group, rather than basing your price on your click budget, we offer a more reasonable approach to PPC advertising rates," their Web site states.

Prospect Genius has been serving small business owners across the country with expert online advertising since 2007. They offer a comprehensive cross-section of marketing tools that are designed to generate leads for clients. The ultimate goal of Prospect Genius's Internet marketing program is to help local service providers connect with prospective customers in their areas.
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