The Stage Fright Cure Announces a True Remedy for a Common Fear

Marti MacEwan, MA, LMHC is an experienced counselor and coach, fascinating, informative trainer and inspiring professional speaker who is an expert in overcoming stage fright.

Seattle, WA, November 24, 2013 --( They are pleased to announce the launching of a new book and website at that offers a unique cure for stage fright, the fear of public speaking and indeed any form of performance anxiety.

Marti MacEwan, MA, LMHC, is a seasoned counselor, personal coach and seminar leader located in Seattle, Washington. She is an expert in helping people overcome any fear of presenting themselves to others. She has developed her approach to curing stage fright as a “stage fright specialist” in her professional practice.

She now shares her cure with everyone in her new book, The Stage Fright Cure, which comes with online demonstration videos at the website. This Stage Fright Cure is a very real remedy offering tangible relief from that all too common fear.

In Ms. MacEwan’s words, “if you have any fear about sharing your ideas, talents or skills with other people to the extent that it hampers your enjoyment of doing it, or even prevents you altogether, then you have stage fright. Regardless of whether there is an actual stage or formal audience involved, stage fright could be seriously limiting your personal and professional success.”

This cure for stage fright is not limited in its scope. It can apply to business and professional presentations, sales presentations, artistic or music performances, meetings, media presentations, interviews, auditions, public appearances, teaching, professional speaking, even singing, dancing, playing sports or test taking anxiety or making phone calls: any situation where one is called upon to present something for someone else’s consideration or enjoyment, whether that someone is one person or an audience of thousands.

The cause and cure for the fear of one kind of performing is the same for all the others.

The Stage Fright Cure is not just composed of the usual suggestions and tips for managing stage fright that you will find everywhere. Instead, this cure is a highly effective mind-body method that will literally dissolve the physical stage fright symptoms so many of us experience when were called upon to present ourselves to others in any form. Once those stage fright symptoms are simply no longer there, are truly free.

In fact, Ms. MacEwan takes us on a journey from stage fright to what she calls Stage Freedomand then beyond to Stage Flight: a positive, comfortable and expansive place where performing can be a pleasure.

In addition to The Stage Fright Cure book, Marti MacEwan is available for private coaching, group coaching and speaking engagements. She can be contacted by phone at 206-362-8167, or by email at
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