A Diet for a Lifetime: Now Available for All

Health expert releases new website for the rising demand of digital content.

San Diego, CA, November 14, 2013 --(PR.com)-- What do both Paleo diet lovers and Mediterranean diet prescribers have in common? They each prescribe to one half of world renowned nutritionist Stella Metsova’s “Diet for a Lifetime”—and with the launching of her new and unique site www.stellametsovas.com; they’ll be able to bridge the gap between the two. This is a great boon for those who want to combine the immense health benefits of both systems, as Ms. Metsovas is the premiere pioneer and origin of the initial combination—and the sum turns out to be better than the parts alone.

www.stellametsovas.com has an incredibly easy interface, a plethora of content (so far the beta only holds 30% of what will be offered from sources such as Demand Media, eHow, and LiveStrong—all sites that use her as a regular media resource) and is meant to absorb the future brand Ms. Metsovas intends to grow by releasing her first book (to be released in 2014). Stella takes a lifetime of being Greek-American (and thus firsthand experience with the ancient Mediterranean diet) and combines it with her over 15 years of field experience in diet and gut health to provide her subscribers with insightful and interesting videos, recipes, “best eats” lists and synopses of the latest scientific literature in the field of nutrition. Her style is approachable, concise, and easily understood—original in its intent to deliver facts the layman can understand without all the hype. Furthermore, Ms. Metsovas is readily tech-savvy, and her site has links to her Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Facebook pages. Those who subscribe become members of her “Lifestyle Society” email list, where they are able to receive weekly recipes, fresh information and direct tips from Ms. Metsovas herself.

Subscription isn’t readily necessary however; Ms. Metsovas clearly wants to share her knowledge with all rather than a select few. The Healthy Eating tab gives you direct access to the kitchen of Ms. Metsovas, complete with pictures of what you could (or should) be eating and how to go about making it in the first place. Instead of being overwhelmed by a page that loads a sea of items—each tab loads only 4 links at a time, so you are sure not to miss anything. The “Lifestyle” tab has a wide variety of Ms. Metsova’s tried and true tips for “living well” along with the bulk of her synopses (and interpretations) of the latest in nutrition research( think: her opinions on goat versus cow milk, the latest on the global diabetes epidemic and her reasons for why she shops for seasonal fruits and veggies).

The website launch will expand what was already available on her blog—which was recognized by Woman’s Day as “One of the Top 50 Blogs Every Dietician should Read” (Ms. Metsovas was also recognized as one of “America’s Ultimate Experts” in health and nutrition). Ms. Metsovas decided to launch a proper website to allow herself to step into the role of a fully-fledged health expert in the digital world and to put it simply: “meet the rising demands for content in the future”. It’s a one-stop source for all things Paleo-Mediterranean, including her Digestive Health Detox Kit for Botanic Choice (one of America’s oldest vitamin companies) and all her consultations with the likes of People, Glamour, Shape, Redbook, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Men’s Health, CNN and Good Morning America. Proponents of Ms. Metsovas’s methods will no longer have to troll through the internet to gain her opinion or advice—with the advent of her official webpage it will all be conveniently in one place. For those who wish to have a more hands on approach with Ms. Metsova’s suggestions (and live in the southern California area), the top of the page holds a link to information about her private practice along with a variety of happy customer testimonials.

www.stellametsovas.com will be the exciting official debut for the innovate diet of a talented and globally trusted Greek-American nutritionist—and the tool that allows her to reach a large audience and help Americans (and the rest of the world) eat healthy and finally feel healthy as a result. As the world continues to see a rise in diet-linked disease epidemics like heart disease and the spectrum of diabetes diseases, the demand for a practical, delicious, time tested and research backed approach to eating well will only continue to rise. Fortunately, Ms. Metsovas and her new website are prepared to meet the demand.
Liv by Stella
Madison Smith