Fundraising Startup Fundfetti Launches Simple, Fast and Profitable Fundraising System

Fundfetti provides a simple way for teams, groups and community organizations to raise money. Using a combination of team logos and custom made products Fundfetti provides a simple and quick way to raise money for activities. Fundfetti will also donate 3% of all revenue to Kids Helping Kids. Kids Helping Kids is a Canadian non-profit organization help reunite immigrant parents with their children.

Cincinnati, OH, November 11, 2013 --( Each year over $2 billion is raised by youth groups and teams to fund their activities. Over 90% of schools use fundraising to supplement their budgets. The result is that over 75% of the population and 2 out of 3 parents purchase fundraising products each year.

Fundfetti provides a simple, fast and profitable fundraising system to quickly provide money for activities. The process is defined as "Need," "Fund," "Celebrate." The needs can vary from team equipment, books for school or a field trip. The fundraising is done by selling floor or car mats that have can have their own team logo, a professional sports logo or a college logo.

"I play on a softball team and we have our own logo but you can sell almost any team you can think of," said Mackenzie Collette, President, Fundfetti. "The mats range from small door mats to large area rugs to car mats. In Canada everybody needs car mats in the winter."

Fundfetti is also donating 3% of all revenues to Kids Helping Kids. Kids Helping Kids is a non-profit organization helping immigrant parents that have left their children behind finally reunite their families.
David Collette