Meet the Four Generations in Today's Workplace

A great deal of attention has been paid to the entry of the Millennials into today's workforce, but one important factor has generally been ignored -- the fact that today business must blend and integrate four generations in order to produce an effective workforce. This book provides the information needed to take the first step toward such integration.

Lodi, CA, November 12, 2013 --( Mikili Press recently announced its latest Success Series publication. The book, "Four Generations", is a guide to the interests, needs, and value of today’s multi-generational workforce. No one in business can afford to be without the insights provided by Dr. Kearney, the well-known author of business books, a business owner, and the recipient of numerous national and international awards. The book provides the reader with well-researched data on each of the four generations in today’s workforce: the Traditionalists, the Baby Boomers, Generation X, and the Millennials. The reader also learns about their needs, interests, and potential contributions to the workplace.

Dr. Kearney, an award winning author and lecturer, notes that although a great deal of recent attention has been focused on the newest generation, the Millennials, very little attention has been given to the impact of having four generations in the workplace at the same time. Yet, success in business today demands that these four generations be understood, coached, and utilized both as individuals and as team members. In order to achieve corporate business goals, business leaders must be able to blend the talents of these generations into a working unit whose members understand and respect each other. Although this book has just been released, the information shared was the foundation of earlier programs Dr. Kearney presented to staffs at schools and businesses such as the University of San Francisco’s Medical School, Dun and Bradstreet, the University of California at Berkeley, and organizations such as the ASTRA Women’s Business Alliance.

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