Alegix Incorporates Religion Into Business

Alegix passes a company wide bylaw to allow employees to take leave during work hours for religious purposes.

Chantilly, VA, November 13, 2013 --( Alegix today announced that it has implemented a company wide bylaw to allow employees to leave during work hours for religious purposes. The bylaw also allows all employees to dress accordingly to their religious convictions.

This rule stems from several employees asking for leave during work hours in order to practice their faith. “We receive requests from employees of Muslim faith to leave for Friday Prayer, employees of Jewish faith to leave for Sabbath, and similar requests from others of different religions. We don’t believe they should be penalized for wanting to practice their religious beliefs but rather we encourage it,” said Co-Founder and CEO Nabeel M. Saleheen. “Religion plays an important role in many peoples’ lives and we want to do everything we can to keep our workforce motivated.” Moreover, the newly implemented bylaw allows all employees to wear clothing as part of their religious convictions. Meaning, a Sikh employee may wear a Turban, a Muslim woman may wear a Hijab, a Jewish man may wear Kippah.

Furthermore, those with undefined religious views are allowed to take leave as well for personal reasons. All employees are allowed 16 hours leave time per month, or 2 full working days.

Co-Founder Humayun B. Naseer said, “We understand mixing religion and the workplace is a taboo in the business world, but we want to foster an environment of tolerance. And this bylaw does exactly that.”

The bylaw was implemented November 1, 2013 and will take affect Q1 of 2014.

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