Becker, Harris and Cunningham Law Group Guards Client Confidentiality

Becker, Harris and Cunningham Law Group’s IT Department (ITD) is sprucing up its client information security protocols in compliance with Federal regulations on protecting client personal information and privacy. Federal regulations necessitate companies to create, execute, sustain, and monitor a brad information security protocol that is compliant to Federal and local regulations.

Los Angeles, CA, November 13, 2013 --( The heightened client information security protocols are intended to safeguard both the client information maintained by the company and the company itself. The following strategies were put in place effective this month:

a. The IT Department’s Compliance Unit has been designated to take charge of the client protection program
b. A quarterly internal and external information security appraisal will be conducted
c. A multi-tiered security access within a security level has been executed.
d. Physical retrieval of records are given a security access level and Access Restriction Guidelines stipulate stricter physical access and restriction policies to soft and hard copies of records, system storage areas and devices
e. Higher data encryption, latest anti-virus and malware protection applications, and firewall protection
f. Amended cyber accountability regulations

ITD collaborated with HRD to schedule a series of seminars to all units and departments corporate wide. The seminars will focus on coaching and training employees on the updated and amended guidelines and regulations, user training of the security protocols, and changes to data access and records pull up.

“Identity and personal information larceny is very predominant and we have to keep our guard up at all times. The company cannot relax because felons don’t. Part of the business commitment is the guaranteed safety of client’s information. These enhancements are federal and local laws compliant and will be strictly enforced corporate wide,” shared Jack Simons Jr., ITD Chief.

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