Upcoming Workshop for Utah Families – Learn How to Protect Your Family from a Home Invasion

Local martial arts school offers workshop for Utah families on Anti Home Invasion.

Sandy, UT, November 14, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Next Wednesday, Personal Mastery Martial Arts will be offering an Anti Home Invasion course to Utah families. Home invasions, burglaries, and other crimes will skyrocket during the holidays, so this is a great opportunity to learn how to protect your home and your loved ones from unwanted intruders. The course will be taught by “Utah’s Leading Family Safety Expert” Brett Lechtenberg and will cover not only what to do to prevent your home from being invaded, but also what to do in the event that someone does break into your home.

In these days of ever increasing uncertainty with a struggling economy, high gas prices, and a lack of jobs for qualified people to name just a few - some people are resorting to ever increasing acts of violence against others to solve their desperate situation. One of the worst acts of violence, that is unfortunately increasing, is home invasion. Home invaders are more aggressive, more violent and have virtually no regard for property or human life. The average person is totally unprepared to deal with this type of violent attacker even if they have had some level of self defense training. Brett Lechtenberg's Anti Home Invasion course is specifically designed to teach you how to keep criminals out of your house. However, participants will also learn an incredible array of skills if you find someone has actually breached your home.

This course will cover a variety of material from what to do to protect your home and stop invaders in their tracks, to the “one thing” that every person must do to survive a life-threatening situation. Brett will also break down realistic ways to stay safe in your home – with nothing like the crazy things that are on TV or in the movies.

Brett Lechtenberg has been teaching self defense and safety course for 25 years. He has helped thousands of people across the country learn how to protect themselves and their loved ones through his comprehensive lecture series, safety programs, and personal protection courses. He always tells his students that their number one goal should always be to go home safe to their family.

The Anti Home Invasion course will take place on Wednesday November 20th at 6:00 pm at Personal Mastery Martial Arts in Sandy, Utah.

For more information about self defense and martial arts classes in Sandy check out the website: http://www.sandymartialarts.com
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